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This Week’s S & F Newsletter

Just sent out this week’s Strength & Fitness Newsletter, the collaboration between us at Diesel and Scott Bird at This thing has really become great. There are a lot of great articles on the newsletter and Scott makes it all complete with his research of interesting new sites and video clips!

Here’s some of what was in this week’s newsletter:

    Featured Articles: Handbalancing by Scott Bird & Overhand Card Tearing by ‘Unbreakable’ Adam T Glass
    Featured Video: Climbing Charly
    Featured Site: MMA Mania

Each week’s installment also includes two selections From the Archives:

    Momentum by Mike ‘The Machine’ Bruce
    Blast from the Past: Olympic Lifting by Scott Bird

Each week is packed with information and entertainment. I was particularly entertained by this gem that Scott found last week. I was unable to post anything about it, because I was busy traveling for work, but I’d like to post it now for everyone to see in case you missed it.

Get out your chairs and start practicing, now!

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  1. Super-Trainer Says:

    Wow – I wonder if he has any problems chewing his steak – lol –

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