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This Week’s Challenge – Sledge Hammer Deadlift

Congratulations to the One Man Wrecking Crew, himself, Josh McIntyre.

Josh did more in the One Hand Deadlift than David Arquette and Charlie Sheen could probably do in the Two Man Deadlift last week, pulling 405-lbs to a legal height over the knee.

Freakin’ awesome, bro, and another win in the books.

This week’s challenge is the Sledge Hammer Deadlift

Here are the quality specs I want to see for this lift this week.

1. Must use a 6-lb (or heavier) Sledge Hammer / Post Mall, etc to perform the feat.

2. Must measure the handle of the device on video and show the 25-inch mark. Put a piece of tape on the handle at the 25-inch point. You must grasp the handle of the device behind this marker – no contact with the marker during the lift is permitted.

Lift to upright position and return to the floor without knocking off the coin.

3. The Hammer/Mall/Etc must start in a flat position on the floor with a coin on top of it (coin can not be taped or glued to the device – it must be free to slide/bounce/etc)

Tape at 25-inches. Hand must remain behind this mark on the handle. If you want to go from the end, that is more challenging.

4. The athlete must grip behind the 25-inch mark and deadlift the sledge hammer to the full standing position, pause momentarily, and then return the sledge hammer under control to the floor. Upon completion of the lift, the coin must remain on the head of the leverage device. Bouncing is permitted as long as the coin does not fall off.

Check it out in action below…

Click the following link to share this video: Sledge Hammer Training for Stronger Wrists

Video Submission Guidelines

Once you have shot your video, then all you have to do is email me the link to the video, or send it to me through the YouTube messaging system (here’s my channel), Hit me at Facebook, etc.

Make sure the information in the Title, Description, and Tags follows this criteria:

       Title: “ Grip Strength Challenge – Sledge Hammer Deadlift”
       Description: Sledge Hammer Deadlift
       Tags: Grip Strength, Grip Training, Hand Strength, Hand Strength Training, Strong Wrists

Please make sure your video is submitted to me by Friday, May 6, at 8 PM EST to be sure your video gets posted here on my site.


The winner will be decided by me this week using a very simple system, which I will divulge when all submissions have been sent in…

All the best in your training,


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3 Responses to “This Week’s Challenge – Sledge Hammer Deadlift”

  1. Diesel Grip Strength Challenge Says:

    […] This week’s Grip Strength Challenge is the Sledge Hammer Deadlift (shown above). If you think you have a strong set of hands and might be competitive, please check out and submit a video by 8 PM EST on Friday, May 6. Click the following link to see how to perform the sledge hammer deadlift. […]

  2. Josh McIntyre Says:

    Charlie Sheen in his prime or now?

  3. Richard Manchur Says:

    Congratulations Josh! I tried to get my friends to overwhelm the vote, even my mom dropped a comment. But you were the clear victor because you dominated the lift.

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