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The Vulcans Are Coming!


I am writing a quick post because I have been working with David Horne, Grip Legend, on a project recently and it is all coming together, now!

I will be having a load of Vulcan Grippers sent to me next week!

If you are not familiar with the Vulcan Gripper, I will give you some information on it.

The Vulcan Gripper was designed by David Horne. It is a fully adjustable Gripper that can be set at strength levels ranging from around a Trainer / Number 1 Gripper from IronMind to way up above a #4.

There are a few adjustable grippers on the market, but this one is the preferred one by most serious Grip Strength practitioners because it replicates the force curve of a torsion spring gripper very well.

The Vulcan with a Torsion gripper on top – the handles match almost perfectly

For instance, the Ivanko Super Gripper and ViseGrip Gripper are adjustable, but their force curve does not match up to a torsion spring gripper. The Vulcan actually matches up very well.

There is another aspect of the Vulcan that I like in particular. The handles do not have any knurling. Because of this, you can do a LOT more volume in your training with it because your skin does not get pummeled by the knurling that is on most torsion spring gripper handles.

I was speaking with Paul Knight one time. Paul is a guy with one of the best Crushes in Grip Sport, and he said that the lack of knurling on the Vulcan actually made his knurled handle Gripper strength even better, and it makes perfect sense. Even with the lack of knurling, you still can get a good bite on the Vulcan handles, but when you go back to torsion grippers, you get even better bite!

The other advantage of the Vulcan, and this is perhaps the most important, is that you won’t need to buy so many Grippers in order to train a wide spectrum of strength levels. That can get pretty expensive, especially if you buy them one at a time. With shipping most grippers are about $30 apiece, so four of them bought separately is $120.

The Vulcan cost only $97, a substantial savings.

The Vulcans are being shipped to me next week. You can pre-order yours right now.

If you order by 8/6/11, you will get a free video showing how to train with the Vulcan Gripper for Complete Crush Grip Domination. This video will show you everything you need to know about adjusting the spring, getting a good set, progressing in crush strength, and how to set up your own program.

The Vulcan Gripper is also the gripper that is used in the World’s Strongest Hands Series, which starts up on August 13. With this contest becoming an annual endeavor, the Vulcan could potentially come a staple in many more competitions down the line.

The new Vulcan Gripper, the V2

The Vulcans that are coming are the new design, the V2, so if you are a Gripper Collector and already have a V1, you can add this one to your collection.

If you are wondering about whether the two versions function differently, they do not. The new Vulcan is simply laser-cut, so the look is a lot cleaner, but they both have the same smooth action and powder coat.

In fact, the V2’s are being used in the World’s Strongest Hands Series this year, along with the V1’s, so if you want to get in on the action, here is your chance!

All the best in your training.


P.S. If you need a lighter Spring, I have a small quantity of Orange Springs that are lighter than the standard issue Silver and Black spring. These are $19.99 plus shipping.

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5 Responses to “The Vulcans Are Coming!”

  1. Daniel Reinard Says:

    I didn’t know it was the V2, even better! I think this will be a staple in my training and it’s perfect for a contest format for someone who doesn’t have 50 grippers all rated. Cough cough, maybe new CA comps coming to S.F. Bay Area…

  2. Ben Edwards Says:

    Jedd, are these V2’s the ones that have the built-in choker pin – to set the Vulcan to parallel for hoseclamp-style work?

  3. Joe Musselwhite Says:

    I have one of the V2 Vulcans and to answer Ben’s question there is no built in choker pin.

    These V2’s are extremely nice the only issue I have with these over the former is the handle spread (nearly 4″). For a guy like me with small hands this becomes a real challenge and the black dipped spring is a BEAST!

    Still the BEST Hand Gripper on the planet!!!

    Jedd, I’m working on a new video covering the Vulcans and comparing the two.

    Have a Grip Day!!!

  4. Bob Sundin Says:

    re: “In fact, the V2′s are being used in the World’s Strongest Hands Series this year, along with the V1′s…”

    Jedd, I thought the V1 only was being used at WSH and the V2 was for 2012?

    That’s great that you are carrying the V2 now.

  5. Jay Says:

    Are the first ones that came out with the number one on the handle still available?

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