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The Vulcan Gripper

Here is a Vlog (Video Blog) about the Vulcan Gripper.

Are you in the United States and want a Vulcan? If so, leave a comment or email me about your interest.




Update #1 – Vulcan Pricing

I have received a note from David Horne – he could not get back to me yesterday because it was his little girl Lucy’s 5th birthday – HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCY!!! But I should have info from him next week on the Vulcan Gripper Shipping situation!

Update #2 – Reader Question

I received a question in the comments from Ken, who writes…

Jedd, Thanks very much for the vlog. I now understand how it compares with the Ivanko Super Gripper. What kind of range of difficulty is available on the Vulcan? What is the easiest level (cf. the Guide in the Captains of Crush series), if I want to do very high reps? Ken

The Vulcan will accomodate you, Ken, no doubt about it. At its lowest setting with the Gold Spring, it feels like less than a #1 to me and I can click off reps so fast it sounds like an old-fashioned typewriter, clickety click click click – Just never have to slide that big long piece back to the left when you reach the end. Also, at the toughest setting the feels like you are trying to squeeze a slippery moss covered rock. It covers just about the entire full range of available Grippers on the market. Hope this helps. More updates to come as they materialize! Jedd

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26 Responses to “The Vulcan Gripper”

  1. Brandon Bailey Says:


    I’d be interested in the grippers for use with our college wrestlers. Let me know how we can get our hands on them and what we need to do.


    Brandon Bailey

  2. Daniel Behling Says:


    Same with myself. Definitely interested in getting a vulcan gripper. Thanks for the heads up on this.

    -Daniel Behling

  3. Chris Says:

    Just got my Vulcan last Friday and it rocks. I love that I can train different levels of difficulty at any time. Prior to this the hardest gripper I owned was a CoC #1 and I was getting ready to get a #2 when I decided to get the Vulcan instead. Now I can train at a level around the 2, higher or lower whenever I want.

  4. Ken Says:


    Thanks very much for the vlog. I now understand how it compares with the Ivanko Super Gripper. What kind of range of difficulty is available on the Vulcan? What is the easiest level (cf. the Guide in the Captains of Crush series), if I want to do very high reps?


  5. Jedd Johnson Says:

    Sure thing Daniel. I have you on my Vulcan Crazed Diesel Dudes list!

  6. Jedd Johnson Says:

    Ken, Thanks and I put my reply into the footer of the post. Thanks!

  7. Rick Walker Says:

    I would for sure buy a Vulcan from you bro. It would be perfect for the boys to up their grip for wrestling.

  8. steven Says:

    Thanks for the vlog, very informative about the two grippers. I’m interested in getting a Vulcan. Keep us updated. What every happened to the Deathgrip Vulcan you mentioned once upon a time?

  9. Doug Says:

    hey Jedd,

    I have wanted to try a vulcan for a while, but never got around to it. do you have any left?

  10. Rob Earl Says:

    I’m very interested in getting a vulcan gripper.
    Thanks, Rob

  11. Jedd Johnson Says:

    I actually haven’t gotten them yet – still working on it with David Horne. Would you like me to put you on the list of interested individuals?

  12. Jedd Johnson Says:

    Awesome, Rob. I will put you on the list of interested Gripsters.

  13. Jedd Johnson Says:

    Glad it helped, Steven. Unfortunately, it looks as though the Death Grips will not be sold…

  14. Jedd Johnson Says:

    Cool Rick. I have you on the list of interested Vulcaneers.

  15. Dave Says:

    Jedd, I would definitely be interested depending on the pricing. Currently mashing a CoC #1 and want to challenge myself a bit more and figured that the adjustable vulcan would fit the ticket.

  16. Jedd Johnson Says:

    Dave – Awesome. I have you down on my list and I will make sure I get hold of you when everything is ironed out.

  17. Nic B Says:

    I’d be interested in the pricing info. Would like to get my hands on one of these.

  18. Jedd Johnson Says:

    Thanks Nic. I put your name down on my list as interested and I will follow up with you as soon as I hear back. Thanks again.

  19. Jaron Says:

    Hi Jedd, I hope it’s not too late to get in on the Vulcan deal. Sign me up.

  20. Samuel B Says:

    Looks like you’ve been working on the Vulcan situation for a while. I’m definitely interested in purchasing one. Horne’s site indicates they’re out of stock until June/July. I’d rather order one from you if at all possible.
    Regards, Sam

  21. Joe M. Says:

    Please add me to your list of interested folks. Thanks, Joe

  22. Richard Denker Says:

    I’m interested in the Vulcan Gripper. However, I have no idea what one costs. Can you give me the buying information?

  23. Jedd Johnson Says:

    Richard, the Vulcans run about $99 apiece.

  24. Mark Nolan Says:


    Just got my V2 in the mail with the new ‘CROM’ spring and WOW!!! This thing is awesome! Glad I ordered the Orange spring to go with it. Thanks again!! I am a Vulcan junkie now!

    -Mark Nolan

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  26. david li Says:

    hey jedd do you think you could add me on your interested list i am very interested in the vulcan as it seems like the best way for me to work my way up to becoming the first asian man to close a captains of crush number 4 one day i love strength of all kinds please reply

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