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The Road to the Record Documentary DVD

Photo Courtesy Michelle Carns

In December 2009, I set a new World Record in the Two Hands Pinch Lift with 256.04 lbs after many years of trying.
The picture above shows the record breaking lift.

This was one of the main focuses of my training for quite some time and finally breaking the record was a tremendous thrill for me.

For whatever reason, during my training for the Gripmas Carol, I felt more confident than I ever had been. My left thumb, which gave me trouble throughout much of 2009, for some reason felt better after Nationals, adding to my confidence.

One day, Smitty said to me, “Man could you imagine if you taped all of your workouts from now until December. You could have a complete documentary if you actually break the record.”


With that, I promptly looked him straight in the eye and told him, “What do you mean IF I break the record…?”

At that point in time, the plan was clear. From October until December, I video-taped during all the pinch workouts I did. Almost every single set and rep got recorded.

I felt so good about my training, I began thinking about the record even more each day. I was falling asleep at night thinking about the record, dreaming about it, and seeing visions of it as I woke up in the morning.

During that period I did stuff in my training that I never did before: used different rep schemes, used different movement patterns, and used different movement patterns.

After the contest was over, I immediately went to work editing the video. It wasn’t long before everything was put together how I wanted it, from Day One of the Documentary where I stated my plan for the next 3 months of training, to the day of the contest when I set the new mark.

The process is almost complete, and The Road to the Record is almost here.

If you act fast, you can pre-register for your copy. If you pre-register, you will get $10 off and there’s no shipping charge. To take advantage of this introductory offer, just do one of two things.

1. Send in the mail. Fill out a check or money order for the introductory price of $27 (within the United States) or $37 (for international orders). You can send it to me at the following address:

Jedd Johnson
PO Box 806
Wyalusing PA 18853


2. Send with Paypal.

The Road to the Record will be ready soon. In it, you will see the exact workouts I did leading up to contest day and the lengths I went to in order to build the thumb strength I needed to break the record.

So, for the next few weeks or so, you have the opportunity to pre-order for the discount and free shipping. You have to complete the pre-order by April 1, 2010

Fast Action Bonus 1

In addition to the discount and the free shipping, the name of every single person who pre-orders The Road to the Record DVD will be thrown into a hat and the person who I choose will receive a one-on-one coaching call with me. In this coaching call you can ask me anything about training, business, websites, etc. You can’t put a price tag on that.

Fast Action Bonus 2

In addition to the one-on-one coaching call, the winner will also get 6 months of free access to my website,, where I cover everything from the tactics I use to build my grip, feats of strength instruction like tearing phone books and pinching two 45’s, as well as recuperative strategies and injury prevention tactics: everything you need to know to build World Class Grip Strength.

Time to train!


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3 Responses to “The Road to the Record Documentary DVD”

  1. Mike Rinderle Says:

    Awesome idea Jedd! This will be perfect for anybody looking to increase their pinch strength. Who better to learn from than the world record holder?!?!

  2. brent Says:

    what’s the running time of the dvd? I have to wait a minute before ordering but, this is a must have for me.


  3. Jim Smith Says:

    Hey dude. 40 minutes or so, if I remember correctly.

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