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The New Conquest – The Iron Grip Monster

I like to periodically set up new conquests in my training – new short term challenges to attain, especially in Block Weight Lifting, which is probably my most favorite type of training in the Grip World.

I recently heard about a Gigantic Block Weight that Odd Haugen had lifted. If you don’t know Odd, he is a Pro Strongman competitor that has been in the WSH qualifiers and finals. He has also competed at Mighty Mitts the last two years and has an awesome Grip.

I wrote Odd to find out more about this monstrous block weight and he told me he would send me one to work on.

I asked him if he had named it and he said he hadn’t but why not the Iron Grip Monster?

Sounds fitting to me, because this thing is huge.

Iron Grip Monster

Check out some of the measurements and specs on this piece:

  • Half 125-lb Dumbbell
  • Rubber Coated, but very slick from years of wear.
  • +/- 5 5/8 inches across the sides
  • +/- 7 5/8 inches across the face
  • Sick laugh like Vincent Price every time someone tries to lift it and fails.

Here are the three sessions I have done, going for a lift of the Iron Grip Monster.

Unveiling the Iron Grip Monster

Second Session Working on the Iron Grip Monster

Near Lift and Measurements of the Iron Grip Monster

As you can see, the name Iron Grip Monster is no hyperbole – this thing is for real. It might take me another session or two to lift it, but I have it squarely in my sights and it will go up!

What Grip Goals are you working on? Leave a comment in the box below.

All the best in your training.



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3 Responses to “The New Conquest – The Iron Grip Monster”

  1. Jim Bathurst Says:

    Holy moly. Let us all get to normal grip strength standards first!
    I’m working towards a #3 close – currently shaving down my #2.5 and closing it consistently.
    Working towards a blob lift – been picking up and swinging a 40# block weight consistently. Loadable blob is in the mail now.
    Working towards 200#+ rolling thunder lift. My weakest area, been lifting my awesome thick handle dumbbell and have a real rolling thunder on its way too.

  2. Jedd Johnson Says:

    Jim, Sounds like you have your eyes set on some good solid goals brother. I wish you the best.

    Rolling Thunder is one of my worst griplements. I struggle to lift big on it.

    Keep it up buddy.


  3. Rick Walker Says:

    That blob is badass, but it looks like you have it already. Crazy stuff!

    My weekends are now free as Casey has wrapped up his football season. Throw out a date, and as long as it isnt snowing 2 feet we will be there.


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