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From The Mail Bag – Card Tearing Feedback

It’s hard for me to believe that it’s been almost a full year since I released the Card Tearing eBook.

When I wrote it, I wanted to make it a complete Card Tearing System.

I designed it to be a resource that anyone could use to work toward tearing a deck of cards, regardless of hand size, current strength level, or prior training experience.


Nothing makes me feel better than when someone who set the goal to tear a deck of cards follows the steps and finally accomplishes their goal!

Getting Results

I thought I’d pull out a note I recently got from someone who is seeing results in his card tearing journey and share it with you. This shout is from one of our readers, Matthew.

    “Hi Jedd,

    I just thought I’d let you know my card tearing has been getting better and better recently, as has my nail bending, since incorporating some of the assistance exercises you mention in your ebooks.

    I put a clip up on YouTube last night, and about half way through you can see me tearing cards. I’m not sure what my technique is, it kind of looks like the one used you show being used by John Eaton in the book. I just find it works best for me. I’ve quartered a couple of decks this way too, but I need to work on that more…

    Thanks for the tips,

    Matt Brocklebank.”

Matt, thanks for the kind words on the Card Tearing System. Keep up the great work.

I firmly believe anybody can tear a deck of cards as long as you have the use of your hands.

With that in mind, these are the things I took into account when I designed the Card Tearing eBook.

Card Tearing Techniques

In the Card Tearing eBook, I show multiple techniques for tearing cards. I did this because everybody is a little different and some people prefer certain techniques over others. It could be because of their given strengths and weaknesses, limitations in the range of motion of their wrists, or even their individual pain tolerances.

Ability Levels

Knowing that some people will need more assistance than others, I included in the Card Tearing eBook ways to systematically build up to tearing an entire deck, showing methods to get the tear started more easily and then to work on the finish, and also ways to start out with easier decks of cards and work up to harder ones. That’s right, decks of cards vary depending on how they are made.

Exercise Index

Another important part of the Card Tearing eBook that sets it apart from other resources is the exercise index. I included 40+ pages of exercises in the card tearing system and there is very little repetition between it and the Nail Bending eBook, which I released a few years back. Card Tearing involves different requirements of the hand from other Grip activities. It is different from deadlifting, blob lifting, and thick bar training, so I put in exercises that are designed to strengthen the specific hand, wrist, finger, and thumb positions and forces that take place when you rip a deck of cards in half. While general Grip strength is good, specific Grip strength is best if you are trying to do feats of Grip strength, like tearing decks of cards.

Variety of Training Tools

Top Secret Home Made Card Tearing Training Tool

If you hate weights or are bored by them, then don’t worry about it, because I’ve got tons of movements and training tools that don’t require conventional weightlifting resistance training at all. The ebook includes the use of 2 by 4 boards, ropes, chains, exercise bands, and more.

I also sprinkled in some top secret techniques for developing card tearing strength, as pictured above. What the hell could that be used for? You’d be surprised.

My Personal Efforts

I always aim to please with all my products. I work my ass off on them and take pride in the detail I go into. I think anybody who picks up my Card Tearing eBook will be happy with it, not to mention the huge list of bonuses that come with it:

  • 30 Days of Email Support
  • The Savage Grip eBook
  • Grip Considerations for the Bench Press Video
  • Interview with Joe Hashey and Me on, and
  • Interview I just did last week with Logan Christopher and Bud Jeffries.

In fact, I just added that last bonus tonight – so check it out:

More Card Tearing Posts

There’s quite a few Card Tearing posts on our site. You can check them out right here:

Thanks and all the best in your training,


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