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The Light Was My Training Partner

A few weeks back, I invited my personal training client, Mark, to come train with me on a Saturday. He travels a great deal in his business, so that particular week he was unable to train with me at all, so i thought this would be a good way for him to get some work in.

That day, it was a great workout. We really got a lot of good quality work in, so I told him if he wanted to do that session with me each week, I would not charge him for the session, and he agreed.

This past Thursday morning, we were supposed to train together again, but his flight schedule got changed, so he wasn’t going to make it in. And so he called me on my cell while I was warming up and let me know he wouldn’t make it.

I normally train in the afternoon, so I almost said screw it and went back upstairs to work, but instead I hit the workout solo, and I am glad I did because it was awesome.

See why in the video below.

A little tribute to two of my best friends, Rick Walker and Mike Rinderle. Thanks for always having my back guys! I dedicate this workout to you.


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4 Responses to “The Light Was My Training Partner”

  1. Mike Rinderle Says:

    Great stuff brother!

  2. Rick Walker Says:

    Thanks brother. That means a lot to me dude. Choked me up a little bit…

    I would give a lot to be right there with you, be it 6 am or 6 pm.


  3. F.Mohr Says:


    I love it man! Great stuff. I just set up my home gym over the past couple of months because I need to be home more for when my daughter is born. The one thing thats tough sometimes is training alone. But at the same time I love being able to train in my basement. Bitter sweet I guess.
    YOu motivated me to try out the pull ups using the ladder progression, thanks alot for the vid.

  4. Jedd Johnson Says:

    That’s great to hear my man. The ladder sure is a challenging way to do pull-ups.

    I am happy for you that you have a daughter on my way. My little lady is awesome and yours will be too!


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