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The Demolition Club

I’ve just got to show you this piece that I recently added to my training equipment collection.


The Demolition Club

This piece of rugged home made equipment is made out of an artillery shell and a steel handle. I got it made by a friend at work and my goal is to be able to swing it around in two-handed fashion like a mace or giant club.

I called it the Demolition Club because that was my favorite WWE/WWF tag team back in the day.


Plus, if I swing this thing incorrectly or let go at just the wrong time, it might take out a wall of my garage gym…

Check out this video and see just how big this friggin’ thing is.

So, here’s a few questions for you guys…

    What equipment have you built recently?

    Have you had someone else build you anything?

    Do you have any projects planned?

I know a lot of you guys build your own heavy duty equipment for your training, so let’s hear about it. Leave a comment below.

In the next few days, I will be posting another guest article from Christopher Smith showing you all how to make some pretty cool rotating thick grips that you can use for pull-ups, rows, and many other exercises.

Here’s Chris’s other two guest posts:

How to Start Nail Bending

Explosive Conditioning for Martial Arts

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8 Responses to “The Demolition Club”

  1. Rob Says:

    Video is private, again!
    I’m getting a big nasty club made this week. What are the dimensions of that beastly thing? Handle looks like about 2 inches

  2. Jedd Says:

    Rob thanks for letting me know. Don’t know why I keep doing that!

    It is public now!

    Thanks again,


  3. Bill Jones Says:

    That’s huge! The only thing I’ve built in the past few months are some slosh pipes. Got do a couple more cause somebody dropped them. They can break!

  4. dale Says:

    Demolition was just cheap imitation of the road warriors aka Legion of Doom (LOD) :).

  5. tnthudson Says:

    First of all, I have to say that Road Warriors just rocked. I remember one of them (Hawk?) saying “Lex Luther, cuts are for kids, bulk is for the big boys!” Hilarious!
    I had a 2-hand leverage bar made for me by Ryan at strongergrip; he made the bar on this one from stainless, I love it.

  6. Rob Says:

    Jedd, Now I’ve seen the video of the Demolition Club, I love it! That mass of metal looks awesome, looking forward to the video of you waving it about!!

  7. Jedd Says:

    I didn’t expect to have smack talkin’ going down on my Demolition Boys!!! Damn you guys are harsh.

    Did you know back in the day before they were all big time Smash (Barry Darsow) from Demolition used to train in the same gym as the Road Warriors – Animal and Hawk???

    I need to get myself a slosh pipe – it’s looked awesome ever since I first saw them!

    TNT – Ryan’s the man bro.

    Rob – let us know when you get your club made bro!


  8. Thomas Says:

    Hi Jedd,

    Awsome thing you build there.
    Hmm the last thing i build was for grip training. I saw a brocken roll of a belt conveyour in a factory.A colleg of mine there in the apprentice workshop cuted it for me and weldet a whasher on it, so i can hang some weight on it.
    For me this thing is very difficult to hold, but training is ongoing 😉
    I always look for “broken” metal thinks, they throw away in companys (when i am there for work), but i can use for training. Then i ask if i could have it, and because im such a nice, friendly one i always get those things.

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