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The AMD Launch Saga


I have been pretty much working til 1am during the last year on AMD and it is finally done and  I couldn’t be happier with the final product.

It is funny, it seems the marketing of the system and the web coding has been harder than the actual manual itself.

Unfortunately, I am a perfectionist and I was never happy with the product until now.  I continued to add to the package each time when I felt it was missing an essential component.

I sent the package over to Jim Wendler at Elite and he said “This looks awesome!” (if you know Jim, these few words are a huge compliment.

Mike Robertson, a highly respected strength coach in the industry, also got a look at the manual recently and here is what he had to say:

“AMD is a no-frills, and no-nonsense, approach to gaining muscle and shedding body fat.  While many gurus are quick to spout off about secrets, tips and tricks, Smitty gives you a straight-forward approach that is virtually guaranteed to help you get results.”

“Most importantly, AMD has extensive sections on keeping you healthy throughout the training process.  While it may sound simple, this is an often undervalued component of training.  Quite simply, you can’t make any progress if you’re constantly hampered by injuries.

“Don’t let its simplicity fool you – AMD is the real deal.”, Mike Robertson, M.S., C.S.C.S., U.S.A.W.

Both of these guys are mentors to me so their support and feedback are very important to me.


Another cool note about the release of AMD is that there will be an exclusive membership site offered only to those who have purchased the system.  In the membership site there will be AMD Workouts of the Month (WOM), member’s only ebooks, articles and videos.

When you purchase the system, you’ll be prompted to put in your name and email to be notified about the opening on the membership site.

Want to do a USTREAM tonight during the release of AMD, leave your comments below and let me know!

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3 Responses to “The AMD Launch Saga”

  1. Caleb Says:

    I’ll be up waiting. Can’t wait to get my hands on this one. Probably going to get combat core also. I have both k-bell books and nail and card tearing books so toninght will be the time for me to complete my collection.

  2. Jim Smith Says:

    Caleb, Combat Core comes with the AMD package brother.

  3. Milan Says:


    Go ahead and launch early, we won’t be mad!

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