“The SH*T DVD. is really good stuff, I'd highly recommend it to anyone.”
Steve Pekarskiy

See: The Sh*t You’ve Never Seen DVD

“I am someone who doesn't mind paying for information that means something to me. A lot of guys just want everything given to them for free and whine and complain when someone charges to teach them the knowledge gained and earned from years of hard work, blood, sweat and tears in the trenches...and you know exactly what I'm talking about. When you consider the time and money ‘Joe Beginner’ (who doesn’t know stock from stank about nail bending) is going to save from this book, it’s easily worth $100 dollars if not more. In fact, he'll probably save that much money to start with. With this book as a resource, a guy who knows nothing about nail bending can go into any decent hardware store and get started with a fun and rewarding hobby. He'll be armed with the knowledge of varieties of steel stock, progressions, a multitude of different techniques for nail bending, assistance exercises out the wahhzoo, knowledge of what wrapping materials to use, how to wrap etc. And all of this for just $39.97 !?! Where the rubber meets the road: I never understood the basic mechanics of overhand bending until this book came along. Jedd and Smitty explain it (and EVERY other nail bending technique) step by step, with detailed pictures with vivid descriptions in a manner that is so easy to understand that my 5 year old daughter learned how to do it, not kidding. The info in this book and the time and money it saves you make it priceless. It's like having a coach in your living room.”
Aaron McKenzie

See: The Nail Bending eBook

“The Chaos Training Manual is one of the best texts to come out in a long time. The comprehensive nature of the manual makes it a must for new and experienced strength coaches. Implementing the ripper series with our athletes has done wonders in helping our guys to handle and deal with multiple external forces. Their improved performance on the court and on the field is a direct result of Jim and the Diesel Crew's hard work. The Chaos Training Manual should be in every strength coach's library.”
Jason Spray MS, CSCS, SCCC, Division I Strength Coach

See: The Chaos Training Manual

“Jedd, Just a quick note to let you know that last week,after re-reading a section of your bending book that I purchased in February, I bent the first of many IM Blue nails with very little problem, followed by the easiest 60d of my brief bending career. The key was in the pistol grip. Your photos and explanation got me right back on track. All the grip and forearm training that I had been doing was allowing me to sneak closer in and still bend, until I got to some tougher nails, and there I stalled. Once I re-adjusted, everything clicked, and the 60d and Blue nail are history. I am 49 years old, and training has been great with the addition of bending steel, but nothing like the progress I have made since purchasing the Bending Book. Thanks again.”
Bill Bredeck

See: The Nail Bending eBook

“Jedd, Just thought I'd drop you a line to congratulate you on the bending ebook.
Whilst I do not profess to be a bending expert by any means, in my opinion the book made it absolutely clear what is required in terms of strength and technique to achieve my goals. Paths of progession and assistance exercies were made clear from the start and in addition, I found it inspirational. It was packed with nearly 200 pages of information, but was very easy to understand and digest. A thoroughly good product, so thank you for your efforts.”
Tom Haddon

See: The Nail Bending eBook

“Hey Mr. Smith, my name is Paul Knapic. I spoke with you about two weeks ago via phone. First I just wanted to say thank you for taking care of my order. Your time was greatly appreciated. Second, I just finished reading the MMA Manual and watching the Grappling DVD's. They are kick ass! They are so informative and will be invaluable in my training. Thanks for putting out great products! I can't wait to see what the Chaos Training Manual is about. You mentioned it on the phone and it sounds awesome. Best of luck with finishing it. I will recommend you guys to all my training partners.”
Paul Knapic

See: Grappling Conditioning DVDs

“Your e-book is incredible. Straight forward, real world techniques and exercises. I like that things are kept simple with no need to string 20 ridiculous exercises to get results. And this is just your Advanced Kettlebell Techniques I. I can't wait until I hit the Final Chapter. Thanks again!”
Daniel N.

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“The Ultimate Sled Dragging Manual is the go to source for anyone wanting to learn about sled dragging. The Diesel Crew takes you through every thing from top to bottom explaining the what, why, how, and programming of sled dragging. Increase your GPP and take your training program to the next level with sled dragging!”
—Brandon Johnson, SCCC, CSCS, Owner & Founder of Xfortitude Training Systems, LLC

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“When we decided to offer a sled training manual, we kept two things in mind to separate ours from the rest of the books out there. First, it had to be different not just for the sake of being different. It had to follow the Total Performance Sports philosophy of hard work and not taking shortcuts, it had to have legitimate exercises that you have not seen before, not fluff and it had to fit our reputation for excellence. Second, it had to be written by someone who walks the walk and lives it. We did not want a keyboard guru, who pumps out three articles a week of new training programs, penning something with our name on it. It had to be written by someone real, someone who exemplified the qualities we wanted and someone who could take sled dragging to the next level. And only one name was considered: The Diesel Crew. The Diesel Crew is known throughout the industry as leaders in the strength field and anyone who knows them, knows they are the real deal. Jedd Smitty have outdone themselves with this manual. It is a great product. I guarantee you the exercises in this book are ones you have never seen and I also guarantee that if you do these exercises, you will get strong, you will get fit and you will get lean. The Diesel Crew shows you how, now all you have to do is the work.”
C.J. Murphy, MFS, Total Performance Sports

See: Ultimate Sled Dragging eBook

“Got your video, The Sh*t You've Never Seen, and it kicks ass. Very motivating. Thank you.”
Spencer Horn

See: The Sh*t You’ve Never Seen DVD

“Your site is the best on the net, it's transformed my training since I first found it nearly a year ago.”
—Mark Robinson

“First off i just want to complement you guys for such a great site. I'm sure you've heard it a million times but allow me to be the 1,000,001st your videos and articles are the sh*t! I always recommend your site to my friends and people I meet in the gym. Keep up the SICK work!”
Dario Campi

“I got the CDs today. I plug it in and I was immediately transported to a den of iron. Thank you so much. I am so pysched. In Jan, I am getting a bunch of KBs, some sandbags and kegs and I'm starting a little fitness company and I'm gonna kick ass! I am officially requesting permission to not only use them on myself to be use them with certain advanced clients. Thank you again, keep training hard.”

“Loved the interviews bro! Thats exactly what people need to hear, from people who are actually living 'under a bar' as Dave would say. Great job guys. I got my camera finally, I'll send ya'll some pics later, especially of our grip stuff.”
Thane T. Harrison Jr., White Lights Strength Training

“Hey Diesel guys!

I'm writing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada... a few of us have started a team of strength enthusiasts, akin to your Crew. We call ourselves Team Barbarian. There's 6 of us at the core of the group, with a few other guys in Toronto that jump in for training every now and then.

Most of us have competed (Strongman) and trained independently before, but we're noticing improvements in performance since we started establishing a team atmosphere / training together. Hopefully we'll keep it going. You guys have been really inspirational as well (the website, esp. video clips! F**kin' hardcore!).

Check out our online photo album: http://team-barbarian.magix.net

Click on TEAM BARBARIAN in "My Albums" on the left. Also check out my website... click on the icon: "see Josh Hewett competing"—http://top-form-fitness.com/trainer_profile.html

We've also just started videotaping some of our training sessions, so hopefully we'll have that set up by next year. We're just starting out, but if things go well we might get a website going also.

Anyway, thought I'd give you guys a shout-out... wouldn't mind corresponding from time to time about training, etc., and to pick your brains about stuff.

Talk to you soon,


—Josh, Top Form Fitness

“'Making physical therapy as painful as possible since 2005' Also fighting to bring the Diesel Method to my brothers at arms, but it's hard to make people listen until you break em' off good. Thanks ALOT Diesel Crew you opened my eyes to reality. Somebody hurt you bad, boyyyy…I know.”
CPL Adam C. Lautenschlager

“I am 25 and have been a Police Officer and Volunteer Firefighter for 4 years this October. The town I work in is small and I am the only Officer on duty between 11:00 pm and 7:00 am. Getting backup takes awhile. Luckily in a small town bad stuff doesn't happen too often, but when it does it hits the fan hard. I appreciate the article, it gave me great motivation to train even harder. It could save my life one day. I hope that the article finds its way to others in Law Enforcement as well as all people. I'll circulate it as much as possible. Keep them coming! Once again THANK YOU for the article, its nice to know there are people like you giving us a hand at our job.”
Jason Williams