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Workout of the Month: King Kong Grip Strength

Saturday, August 17th, 2013

King Kong Grip Challenge Preparation


My members at are always pushing themselves, and if there is a Grip Contest going on in the United States, you can bet that some of them have their eyes set on it, just like King Kong to the right.

In October, Eric Roussein will be holding a world-wide competition called the King Kong Grip Challenge, and this contest is no different, as at least two of my guys are getting ready to compete in it.

I was asked to put something together around this contest because of its interesting selection of events.

At the King Kong Grip Challenge, these are the events:

  • 1 Hand Axle Deadlift
  • 1 Hand Euro Pinch
  • IronMind Hub
  • IronMind Little Big Horn

The events that will be held in King Kong Grip Challenge are not the most common events. While all of them have appeared in contests before, they are not perennially featured events, and very little information is out there about them.

With that, I went straight to work laying out the Workout of the Month.

Naturally, I wanted to provide as complete information as possible for those planning to test themselves in this competition, so I also put together a video about strategy for this type of contest, and I did a technique demonstration for each event as well.

So, you are getting much more than just a workout.

This is a 2-Day Workout. I thought it best to set it up this way for two reasons.

1. All of the events are 1-handed. Training 4 different events all in one day will always cause one or two of the events to be trained with hands that are far too exhausted to get a good indication of progress, so two events are trained on one day, and the other two are trained on the other, along with a short gripper workout.

2. Since some of these events are uncommon, I knew most people would have to dedicate more time to some of them in order to get complete conditioning and development. Most just have not trained lifts like the 1-hand axle and the little big horn, so they need more dedicated time.

So, not only are you getting 1 workout, but 2.

Naturally, you can place the days wherever you like during the week, however it works for you. You can even switch days for certain events if you’d like. I set the days up like I did for the following reasons:

1. Thick Bar has a tendency to mess up gripper performance, so I put those on two separate days.

2. 1 Hand Euro and the Hub both work the thumbs, so I placed them on two separate days so they did not interfere with one another as much.

3. 1 Hand Axle and Little Big Horn are the two heaviest events, so I split them up, one on each day.

I think this workout will help you with your programming for the King Kong Grip Challenge. Any questions you have about personalizing this for your needs, just let me know.

Pick it up here: King Kong Grip Challenge Workout Just $9.95.


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