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Bragging Rights – New Grip Contest Announcement

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

Diesel Crew and Titan Strength present:

A Branch of the 10th Anniversary of the Adjustable Pinch Contest

When: Saturday 3 May, 2014

1. Two Hands Pinch Lift
4 Attempts to lift as big of weight as possible. Rising Bar will be used.
The European Adjustable pinch will be used.

2. Two Hands Pinch Lift Hold
4 Attempts to hold the biggest weight as long as possible. Reverse Rising Bar will be used
The European Adjustable pinch will be used.

3. Stub – Hold
4 Attempts to hold the biggest weight as long as possible. Reverse Rising Bar will be used
The Grip Topz Stub will be used

*These are the three events that will factor into the overall world-wide scoring for the 10th Anniversary Mega Comp

Additional Event(s) (Factored into Local Scoring)

1. IronMind Silver Bullet Hold
4 Attempts to hold 2.5-kgs as long as possible.
Men will use #3 or #2 gripper. Women will use #2 or #1 Gripper.
A Brand New #3 gripper will be opened for this event, in order to qualify for the official World Record, should anyone be bold enough to go for it.

2. Double Blob Lift Hold for Time
4 Attempts to hold 50-lb Blobs off the ground as long as possible.
Two Next Gen Blobs will be used.

Classes: Open

Venues: Various Clubs
David Horne, England
Juha Harju, Finland
Jedd Johnson, USA
Jon Umpherville, Canada

Entrance fees: $20

Trophies: There will be medals for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of the Open, sent by David Horne after the event.

Competitors will sign a release/waiver and pay entry fee prior to the event.


Titan Strength
352 East Franklin Street
Horseheads, NY 14845

All the best in your training,


Arnold Classic Survival Guide

Friday, February 28th, 2014

This weekend is the Arnold Classic and counting this year, I will have gone 6 out of the last 7 years. I love the atmosphere and it always triggers a spike in my training.

There’s something for everybody at the Arnold Classic. Let me paint a picture for you.

The Arnold take place in a HUGE convention center covering I don’t know how many blocks in the city of Columbus Ohio. The event started out as mainly a bodybuilding deal, but it has expanded over the years to include Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, and Strongman contests as well as Martial Arts, Fitness and other competitions.

This year, they are also including their first ever Grip Contest on the main stage, called Mighty Mitts. I was lucky enough to get an invite and I am honored. I have been training hard and am geared up to get on the stage.

Now, here’s the deal. If you’re not prepared for the Arnold Classic weekend, you won’t maximize your experience, so here’s a few points to consider to get the most out of the Classic.

Take Water

It is extremely dry in the event center. They do sell water there, but it is like $8 a bottle, so pack your own and bring it with you.

Take Snacks

There’s very few places to eat outside the event center in the hallways, and it’s kind of expensive. There’s tons of free samples of hundreds of different supplements like shakes and bars and powders, but you can only handle so much of that stuff and some of it tastes like a pencil eraser during the SAT’s. So pack some good stuff to take in with you.

Bring Your Camera

There are lots of photo opportunities at the Arnold. There are Bodybuilders, MMA Fighters, Pro Powerlifters and Strongmen, Pro Wrestlers and dozens of Fitness chicks. They will often let you get a picture with them for free, but sometimes they do charge. Either way you’ll have photos that will last you a lifetime.

Wear Comfortable Cargo Pants

Get yourself a pair of loose fitting cargo pants with lots of pockets. This way you can easily carry your water, snacks and camera among other things. Make sure they are loose fitting and not a set of butt huggers. There are plenty of feats of strength to try in the event center, and you don’t want the seam in your ass to tear while trying to do them.

Bring a Back Pack

You may get the opportunity to get some free shirts and other swag while you’re at the Arnold. You’ll turn around and see some fitness model throwing them all over. Fight for the free shirt and stuff it into your pack. Aside from free stuff, you may want to buy shirts and stuff at the seemingly thousands of tables that are there, and the last thing you want to do is carry that stuff around in your hands all day. Now, if your back pack has the Care Bears on it, leave it at home. Some booths will hand out free plastic bags if you need them.

Try the Grip Gauntlet

Each year I have gone, the GNC booth holds the GNC Grip Gauntlet featuring IronMind Grippers, IronMind Rolling Thunder, and the Blob. If you lift the Blob, 207 on the Rolling Thunder, and close the #3 Gripper, you get a real nice gift certificate – I think it’s like $50 or $100! What’s a Blob? Check out this article = = > What is the Blob?

Bring a Towel

A lot of greasy sons-of-guns get their hands on the Blob over the course of the weekend. I mean THOUSANDS of people try this thing. The Blob is hard enough with the ultra-slick stove paint they put on it. It will just be harder if it is covered in hand sweat, so bring your towel to wipe it and the Rolling Thunder off before you make your attempt. A trip through the Gauntlet is worth just the opportunity to meet and shake hands with the Gillingham brothers.

Bring Some Cash, but Take a Deep Breath

You will have opportunities to buy a lot of cool stuff at the Arnold, so bring some cash or a credit card, but take it easy. Don’t just buy on impulse, because you could end up going off the deep end. If you are going with a friend, tell them to monitor your spending. Know what you want to look for, but set your limits.

Bring Your Diesel Shirt

When you walk through the event center, if you see me make sure to give me a holler, and wear your Diesel shirt so I can spot you easier.

Check out Mighty Mitts

Mighty Mitts will be taking place between events at the Arnold Strongman Competition on Friday Afternoon and Saturday evening. I will be competing with 10 of the top dudes in the world. Many, I have competed against in standard Grip competitions. Others, I have met before, but never competed against, and still others I have never met and never competed against. Some of these guys have tremendous Grips on them and have done awesome things Grip-related in the past, just never competed in standard contests before. With this event being all thick bar, it is going to be something to behold!

Wear Comfortable Shoes

You spend a lot of time on your feet at the Arnold and there is almost nowhere to sit down except on the floor, so make sure your shoes are comfortable or else your feet will be screaming by the end of the weekend.

Steal a Seat

It is a cut-throat process getting a chair in front of the stage. You basically have to swoop down immediately once someone stands up. This may mean if you are traveling in a group that you might get split up. The seat is worth it to give your feet a break, so steal your buddy’s seat if you have to.

Cell Phone on Vibrate

If you get split up from your crew, it’s very hard to meet back up, and it is so loud that it is almost impossible to hear a cell phone ring, so set the thing on vibrate and put it in your hip pocket so you will feel it.

Wallet in Hip Pocket

Not sure what the crime rates are at the Arnold Classic, but there are pick-pockets everywhere. it is slightly harder for someone to pick your pocket if you stick your pocket in your front hip pocket than your back pocket or leg pocket. Don’t stick it in a zipper pocket in your book bag. They are too easy to unzip by someone else while you walk and you will never know it. It’s a shame this tip even has to appear here, but it is a sad truth. Awareness is preparedness.

Alright, my friends, it’s just about time for me to hit the road and be on my way to Columbus, Ohio. If you have any more tips for the better of the order, then please leave a comment in the comment box below!

Thanks a ton and have a great weekend, especially if you are at the Arnold.

And if you see me and I don’t see you, yell, shout, hit me with a rock, poke my eye or something to get my attention. It’ll be nice to meet everybody.

Read about last year’s Arnold Classic = = > Arnold 2009

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Grip Contest in Pennsylvania: Hands Across the Sea – North American Location

Monday, January 20th, 2014

Hands Across the Sea Grip Contest

Head Organizer: David Horne
Locale Promoter: Jedd Johnson
Date: Saturday, February 8th, 2014
Times: Weigh-ins: 8:30 to 10 AM Rules: 9AM, Warm-ups: 9:30, Contest Begins 10:30AM Final Wrap-up: 3PM
Location: Jedd’s Gym, Wyalusing PA
Entrance Fee: $20

Additional Events: After the contest, if time allows, we will have an open training session. You will also be able to take attempts at NAGS qualification lifts, Grip Monsters Challenge, and other On-line Challenges.

1. Two Hands Pinch Lift: 4 Attempts to Get Your Max Lift
2. Stub – Hold: Hold for time using specified weights. (Rules Below)
3. IronMind Gripper #4, #3 or #2 – Silver Bullet: Hold for Time with 2.5-kilograms. (Rules Below)

Rules – 4 attempts allowed on each event if you wish
Event 1 – Two Hands Pinch Lift
The width of the pinch apparatus is adjustable to suit different hand sizes, but to keep it within the spirit of a pinch lift the minimum width allowed is the 2 outer steel discs and 2 rubber spacer discs, a width of 24mm. Before the event starts, you will be given the opportunity to try it and find your best width. The smooth-sided, adjustable-width disc is held on a 2” thick metal rod by a pair of collars. Extra weights will be added to the outsides. The top of this is grasped with an overhand pinch grip (with no further than a 3” gap between the index fingers) and lifted until the end of the bar touches a horizontal bar placed at 16.5”, measured from the underside of the bar to the floor. There is no referee’s signal. You do not have to be erect upon completion. You must lower the weight under control. If the outer discs accidentally touch the bar before the bar itself, referee’s discretion will be used to judge whether the correct height was attained. Pinch gripping the discs using an unorthodox underhand grip will not be allowed.

Additional equipment rules: 1. The apparatus has to be loaded with the same number of discs on each side, in the same order, and has to weigh similar (max 1k tolerance between the total weight of the weights at the front, and weights at the rear). 2. The heaviest discs should be loaded nearest to the adjustable pinch discs themselves. 3. The spacer/collars that hold the inside adjustable discs together should be the same length. 4. The discs added should be smaller in height than the adjustable discs you grasp, so that the view of the lifters hands are not totally obscured, and the lift starts from the proper height.

Event 2 – Stub Hold
1. The usual Stub rules apply; except you do not have to lift the apparatus to a certain height. Timing is started from the moment the weight is lifted off the floor, and stopped when it either drops out of the hands, or it is put down. The apparatus is not allowed to touch the legs or any other bodyparts apart from the hands holding it.

2. The minimum time accepted in the contest is 5 seconds. All times are rounded down to the full second ie. 17.77secs, becomes 17secs.

3. Weights to be used are: 21k, 19k, 16k, 13k, 10k or 7k if needed.

4. The best way to operate this event in a contest is to go from heavy (21k) to light, and this means that someone can have an attempt at the heavier weight, and if they fail they can fall back to a lighter weight.

Event 3 – IronMind Gripper – Silver Bullet

Not official record attempt.

1. Must use a CoC gripper #4, #3 or #2.

2. The best way to operate this event in a contest is to go from #4 to #2, and this means that someone can have an attempt at the tougher gripper, and if they fail they can fall back to an easier one.

3. A genuine IronMind CoC Silver Bullet must be used, with 2.5 kg of weight hanging from the strap silver bullet and this weight may take the form of either an IWF or IPF certified recognized (calibrated) plate or some other weight that has been demonstrated to be no less that 2.50 kg on a certified or otherwise demonstrably-accurate scale.

4. The CoC Silver Bullet is inserted by the competitor no deeper than up to the top edge of the clear band, so that the script Captains of Crush® is legible, and so that all four fingers are in contact with the CoC gripper handle* (dropping the pinky completely off the end of the gripper handle is expressly prohibited).

5. Using one or two hands, the competitor closes the CoC No. 3 in his own time so that the two handles hold the CoC Silver Bullet in place and once this position has been achieved, and only one hand is holding the gripper shut, the referee gives the signal to start the clock. If the competitor fails to get a secure hold on the CoC Silver Bullet he is allowed one chance to reset it.

6. The hand must be held with the gripper approximately vertical.

7. Time stops when the Silver Bullet drops from the handles or when the referee observes any opening of the gripper handle for any reason whatsoever.

*This means on the “top” side of the handle, as the fingers are normally positioned.

If you have any questions at all, please post below.

All the best in your training,


Take Your Two Hands Pinch to the Next Level

Holdfast Gauntlet Grip Contest DVD’s

Monday, November 4th, 2013

On September 28th, I promoted the Holdfast Gauntlet Grip Contest here at my gym in Wyalusing, PA. It was an awesome contest featuring a whole bunch of brand new competitors, plus a mix of veterans as well.


The DVD’s of the competition are ready and I am taking orders. To speed up the process, the DVD’s will be shipped in a jewel, instead of contracting an artist to do the artwork for an actual DVD cover for the artwork.

This also helps keep the cost down, so the price is only $10 for the DVD plus shipping. You can order them here: Holdfast Gauntlet.

In addition, I have also been working on making all of my other contests I have promoted in the past available. I have been promoting Grip Contests since 2004, so I have a huge amount of history on the hard drive of my computer.

I want to make the history of Grip Sport available to those who want to experience it, and you will be able to re-live these contests one event at a time.

Currently, on top of Holdfast Gauntlet, you can also access Global Grip Challenge 2006 and 2007. Here is where to go: Grip Contests

As long as interest is strong enough, I will continue to expand this library of past Grip Contests, including the very first contest I ever competed in, the Battle for Grip Supremacy, promoted by Rick Walker back in September of 2003.

Speaking of BFGS, the Holdfast Gauntlet was almost exactly 10 years after that event. Rick Walker ended up coming to Holdfast to help me out with judging, so as a surprise, I recognized him with an award. I have always considered him a Pioneer in the Sport of Grip, so I got him the Grip Pioneer award. Check out the video below.

Call me a sentimental guy – I think things like this are important. The work that goes into running a competition is unbelievable and hard to describe, and Rick did the very first one on the East Coast and the biggest one ever in the United States that I am aware of. Plus, as I said in the video, I never would have found out about Grip Sport if it weren’t for Rick. It was my pleasure to present him with this small token of my appreciation.

Once again, if you’d like to tap into the awesome history of the past Diesel Crew Grip Contests, be sure to go to this page: Grip Contests.

All the best in your training,


Workout of the Month: King Kong Grip Strength

Saturday, August 17th, 2013

King Kong Grip Challenge Preparation


My members at are always pushing themselves, and if there is a Grip Contest going on in the United States, you can bet that some of them have their eyes set on it, just like King Kong to the right.

In October, Eric Roussein will be holding a world-wide competition called the King Kong Grip Challenge, and this contest is no different, as at least two of my guys are getting ready to compete in it.

I was asked to put something together around this contest because of its interesting selection of events.

At the King Kong Grip Challenge, these are the events:

  • 1 Hand Axle Deadlift
  • 1 Hand Euro Pinch
  • IronMind Hub
  • IronMind Little Big Horn

The events that will be held in King Kong Grip Challenge are not the most common events. While all of them have appeared in contests before, they are not perennially featured events, and very little information is out there about them.

With that, I went straight to work laying out the Workout of the Month.

Naturally, I wanted to provide as complete information as possible for those planning to test themselves in this competition, so I also put together a video about strategy for this type of contest, and I did a technique demonstration for each event as well.

So, you are getting much more than just a workout.

This is a 2-Day Workout. I thought it best to set it up this way for two reasons.

1. All of the events are 1-handed. Training 4 different events all in one day will always cause one or two of the events to be trained with hands that are far too exhausted to get a good indication of progress, so two events are trained on one day, and the other two are trained on the other, along with a short gripper workout.

2. Since some of these events are uncommon, I knew most people would have to dedicate more time to some of them in order to get complete conditioning and development. Most just have not trained lifts like the 1-hand axle and the little big horn, so they need more dedicated time.

So, not only are you getting 1 workout, but 2.

Naturally, you can place the days wherever you like during the week, however it works for you. You can even switch days for certain events if you’d like. I set the days up like I did for the following reasons:

1. Thick Bar has a tendency to mess up gripper performance, so I put those on two separate days.

2. 1 Hand Euro and the Hub both work the thumbs, so I placed them on two separate days so they did not interfere with one another as much.

3. 1 Hand Axle and Little Big Horn are the two heaviest events, so I split them up, one on each day.

I think this workout will help you with your programming for the King Kong Grip Challenge. Any questions you have about personalizing this for your needs, just let me know.

Pick it up here: King Kong Grip Challenge Workout Just $9.95.


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