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Grip Nationals

Thursday, June 25th, 2009


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If you have any questions regarding this year’s Diesel Grip Contest, please post them here in the comments section! As questions are asked, I will update this post, so make sure you ask about anything you are unclear about.

At the beginning of the year, I announed GGC’s date for August 29th, 2009.

Now that Chad’s excellent Grip contest is out of the way, it is time to prepare for Nationals.

The events are all the same as last year with one sizable change and a few minor changes.

1. Grippers
– Parallel set only – Credit Card set is out!!!!
– Tons of calibrated grippers will be used

2. Two Hands Pinch
– No changes here. Same as always. Multiple widths, depending on athlete preference.

3. Axle
– Double Overhand only
– Sumo is allowed.

4. Medley
– We will not do the mystery event this year. I know it was popular, but I feel it ended up too hard for the smaller handed individuals.
– All items will be announced.
– Some people may end up bringing things to use, but they will still be announced.
– Items will include Blob, Inch, Levering, Bending, Tearing, Loose Pinch, Block Weights, Rolling Thunder. Weights will be manageable for smaller handed individuals.

5. Weaver Stick (instead of bending)
– I want to include a wrist event
– I don’t want to include any bending
– Weaver Stick looks cool and is fairly easy to judge.
– It was a lot of fun at Gripmas

Entry fee is $50 and we are doing it at my house.

You must qualify for Nationals in one of three ways:

Qualification Chance 1: Athletes shall qualify for Nationals if they finish top 3 in a US Hand Strength sanctioned contest announced on the Gripboard between September 2008 and August 2009.

Qualification Chance 2: Athletes can also qualify for Nationals by completing 3 of the following feats during 2008-2009 competition:

    1″ Vertical Bar – 290
    2″ FBBC Vertical Bar – 200
    Gripper – IM #3 or equivalent (140#), or 150# choker close
    Reverse Bending – Grade 5×6″ bolt
    Axle Deadlift – 290
    Two Hands Pinch – 170
    One Hand Deadlift on Olympic / Powerlifting Bar – 225

Qualification Chance 3: Complete any one of the following Wild Card feats:

    Close #4 Gripper with parallel set or wider (choker included)
    Break US Record in Two Hands Pinch
    Break US Record in 1-inch Vertical Bar (LGC Standard or FBBC Standard)
    Break US Record in 2-inch Vertical Bar (FBBC Standard)


I think that’s about it. Post below here, if you have questions.

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Intro to Nail Bending

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

If you are thinking about starting nail bending, my ebook is a great place to start. You can check it out here ===> How to Bend Nails.

Not sure it’s a quality product? Check out these videos. I have never met this fellow in my life, but he is Jordan Vezina, and he has done many quality videos like this on YouTube. His site is Average To Elite. Please check him out. He is a an RKC and ISSA certified fitness instructor in Palo Alto CA.

He is one of many kettlebell practitioners that have enjoyed the Nail Bending eBook. Although kettlebell lifting and nail Bending may seem totally different, there are actually many similarities:

    You must prepare the implement. You chalk the kettlebell handle in order to get the best grip, and you chalk the nail and wraps to get the best friction on the nail.

    You must pay attention to technique. If you do not use proper technique with kettlebells, you will not produce maximal strength. If you do not practice good technique with nail bending, you will not bend the nail.

    YOU MUST CREATE TENSION. Tension throughout the body contributes to better form and command with the kettlebell. Creating tension throughout the body when bending nails gets the kink started and allows you to finish the nail off.

The similarities go on and on. If you are a kettlebell practitioner, I encourage you to try out the Nail Bending eBook and learn how to bend nails safe and strong today.

All the best in your training,


Holy Cow – 188 Pages

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

“Holy Cow! 188 pages. That is pretty awesome! I wasn’t really expecting such a thorough resource. Very nice job.”

That’s the response I got after sending the Nail Bending eBook to someone this week.

That’s right – The Nail Bending eBook is 188 pages of instruction. You can rest assured that if you buy a product from Diesel Crew, you are getting your money’s worth, plus some!

I’ve been where you are. You buy an ebook product for like $50 only to find out that you just paid a buck a page and you already knew most of the stuff in it.

That won’t happen with the Nail Bending eBook. In it, you will find out how to bend a variety of pieces of steel – nails, bolts, and stock; you will find out how to wrap the steel so you don’t puncture yourself; you will find out how to ramp-up into a bending program without getting hurt from cumulative trauma. You will know how to climb to the top of the steel bending ladder.

And all of this for just $39.97. A safe investment and you’ll be learning to do cool sh*t.

Check out the Nail Bending eBook.

All the best in your training,


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