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Home Made Strength II – Grip Strength Edition

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

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It’s Time to Build Your Own Grip Strength Equipment


Home Made Strength II – Coming Soon

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

In 2009, Joe Hashey and I created the Home Made Strength On-line DVD.

This was a downloadable, full-length DVD with the option to buy a hard copy, that showed you how to put together your own Mace, Axle, Glute Hame Raise, and many other pieces of equipment that you could use to build strength.

Here’s a review of the original Home Made Strength On-line DVD by a true brute in the strength game, Rob Russell. This dude is a freakin’ monster – he BUP’s kettlebells that are over 100-lbs. Check it out:

Home Made Strength Review from Rob Russell

     “A while back Jedd Johnson and Joe Hashey brought out the Homemade Strength equipment  video.

    I bought it at the time and have made a couple of the items. Since it’s a great resource brought to us by some very knowledgeable guys who are pretty much leaders in Homemade Strength Equipment Niche, I thought I’d share a few of my thoughts on this great product.

    Although there are some great free resources on the net for DIY Strength gear/Homemade Gym Equipment I think the Homemade Strength Video is well worth the low cost of $27 for the amount that it will save you once you’ve made all the low cost strength equipment from it.

    Without revealing too much of what’s demonstrated in the video’s I’ll say is that the Home Made Strength equipment online DVD will allow you to train all areas of your body and develop grip, explosive power, posterior chain and upper body strength for a fraction of the cost of buying branded equipment.

    The equipment I have built have allowed me to blast my glutes, hams and lower back to new levels of strength and power and the other has really assisted my grip strength and forearm power (any clues!)”

    Rob Russell

    Rob is a kettlebell, grip strength, strongman and throwing enthusiast based in Scarborough UK. He has been training with kettlebells for 7 years and strength training for 22. While being competitive in these disciplines he is also always challenging myself with feats of strength.

Thanks Rob for that awesome feedback! That is a killer review, especially coming from someone as strong as you.

I am putting up this post because I am currently in the process of completed a brand new DVD in the Home Made Strength Series, Home Made Strength II – Grip Strength Edition.

While the original HMS included both Full Body and Grip Strength Training Equipment to help anyone from Strength Coaches and Personal Trainers, to individual trainees, athletes, and strength enthusiasts to add to their arsenal of training equipment without having to take on a second mortgage, this one is dedicated entirely to Grip Strength Training Equipment.

What This Video is NOT

This equipment is not just garbage that you put together on Monday and end up breaking on Friday. This stuff is built to last.

Also, this is not a bunch of knock-off equipment. I have a very good working relationship with many manufacturers of top quality equipment and I would never betray them like that. Instead, this equipment is either one-of-a-kind type of equipment, enhancements to current pieces that are available, and things that simply don’t exist on the market.

Is This Video For You?

Not interested in building Grip Strength to perform feats of strength? No problem, that is not what this product is designed for.

The purpose of building this equipment is to give you more options for increasing your hand and lower arm strength in order to apply it to the rest of your training. The numbers in any lift can be enhanced by stronger hands. So if you are looking to do any of the following, this Video is going to be for you:

  • Improve Your Bench Press
  • Squat More Weight
  • Better Grip on the Deadlift
  • Get a Bigger Overhead Press
  • Play Better on the Court
  • Hit for More Power on the Field
  • Control Your Opponent Better on the Mat
  • Perform More Reps before Your Hands Tire Out
  • Stronger Hands for Doing Your Job

If any of the above items are something that you need to enhance, then this video is for you.

To stay up to date on developments of this project, make sure to sign-up for my new Home Made Strength Newsletter. I am working toward moving all of my email communications to a new system, so this will be very important for us to stay in touch on the release.

So you can click on this Home Made Equipment Link or click on the banners in this post.

Thanks and all the best in your training.