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Success in Card Tearing – Barry Gibson

Hey everybody, it’s Jedd checking in.

Hey, before I get into this post, does anybody know where I can pick up a pair of boots like this?


That is an image of Frederick Winters from the 1904 Summer Olympics. Seems like a crazy get-up for the summer time, but to each his own.

Speaking of summer, I hope everybody’s summer is rolling smooth. We have had a cool and rainy one here in Pennsylvania, but that seems to be turning around now.

Tonight it was so hot in my new garage that sweat was dripping off my head onto everything I was trying to lift in the gym. I was trying to pinch 3-25’s plus weight, but didn’t quite get a full pull and my camera battery was dead so I have no video anyway. It was so hot, even with shorts and a tee shirt on, i still felt like I was wearing ol’ Frederick’s wardrobe shown above.

When I got done with my workout, I opened up the laptop to check my email and I got a note from Barry Gibson of

    “Hi Jedd,
    Finally did it man. Got through the full deck!! Thanks for the help and advice with the cards and nails, the ebooks were a massive help!! Thanks again my friend!! I know the camera work is a bit off but that can be improved,

Ya know, the main reason I write strength-related products is to help people. When someone who buys one of my products, I want them to know when they read it that I put everything I could as far as information and effort that I could into it. And when somebody writes or sends a video of him or herself and thanks me, I am truly humbled.


Man, this kind of feedback makes me feel great! Back in April of 2007, I started writing the Card Tearing eBook on a long weekend off from work after I had received quite a few positive emails about my Nail Bending eBook.

I thought that if people were getting so much out of the Nail Bending eBook, then maybe they would enjoy an ebook on Card Tearing as well. I got a great start over the course of that weekend, but finishing it proved to be a long, painful process. Finally, with the help of Smitty I was able to finish it off this past March. Feedback like this from Barry makes me happy that I kept chugging away and finished that project.

Barry sent me a link to a video of him dashing through a deck. Wait until you see this – once he gets this thing started, it’s over in a hurry. Check it out!

I hope everyone else who has picked up the Card Tearing eBook is mowing through decks just as quickly as Barry. If you are, I’d love to see a video. If not, please let me know if you have any questions.

If you’d like to find out more about the Card Tearing eBook, please click here: ===> How to Tear Cards.

Check back soon, too, because I have a big announcement about Card Tearing that you won’t want to miss if you have been training hard. It’s time to get some recognition for your efforts, and I am your man!

All the best in your training,


P.S. While I wrote this, I got another note in the email from Simon in Australia, who recently picked up the Card Tearing eBook: “Thanks Jedd 🙂 Great book incidentally.. just spent the last week getting back to crossfit training but moved my sessions to 6am in the morning.. did a great fighters session at CF Victoria this morning (my local crew/gym).. gonna do some heavy lifting and my first grip training tomorrow 🙂 Peace from Australia, Simon”

P.P.S. To see more posts on Card Tearing, just click here: ===> Card Tearing Posts

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  1. Christian Says:

    Been the same over in Ohio, I’ll enjoy it because when august comes around it will be blistering hot every day. Or at least that is what I’m guessing.

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