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Strongman Training Workout – Guest Blog Post – Joe Hashey

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Joe Hashey – Synergy Athletics Workout

Here in New York, the weather just hit 80 degrees (after it snowed 3 days ago)! That only means one thing – time to get the strongman equipment out and head outdoors.

At Synergy Athletics, I work with athletes that play a variety of sports – soccer, football, lacrosse, baseball, field hockey, basketball, and hockey. Many of the athletes here play at least two of these sports.

No matter the sport, nearly every athlete needs to be explosive. Try this full body workout to get explosive strength while increasing your general physical preparedness.

I also designed this workout for people on a budget. You could get EVERYTHING needed for this workout for under $10. You don’t need a fancy commercial gym to get in an incredible workout.

Equipment needed: Car tire (free), car tire sled (homemade with tow straps), keg optional.

1. Overhead Keg or Tire Throws – 8 x 1. Focus on exploding the hips through and maximizing triple extension. If you don’t have a keg, get a car tire for free from nearly any garage, just go ask for an old one. The weight isn’t as important as the rate of force development. EXPLODE. Measure your distance each time and try to beat it.

2. Explosive Scarecrows (sled) – 4 x 30 yards. Use a weight that is under your 50% max sled drag. Pull the slack out of the straps, sit back, and explode up into a scarecrow. Reset and repeat.

3. Hand Over Hand Sled Rows – 30 under 30. Start with one plate, row it 30 yards in under 30 seconds. Add a 45 and repeat until you can no longer row the weight in under 30 seconds. If you finish in under 4 sets, go up by 25’s next time instead.

4. Tire Clean and Throw – 3 x 10 – Clean a car tire from the ground up to your chest, immediately press throw it for distance. Keep your feet set! Do not step into it, use your chest and shoulders.

5. Chop Circuit 5 x 10 – Pick up the car tire and get ready to try to smash it. Find yourself a tree, and swing the tire like an axe into the tree, rotationally from the right. Repeat from the left. Next, overhead chops into the ground. Don’t worry your tree will be fine.

The chop circuit serves a greater scientific purpose other than just being grueling. When you hit the tire or ground the tire will compress briefly then pop back to its original shape. This will create an intense vibration through your fingers, hands, wrists, and all the way up to your shoulders and upper back. Your body has to instinctively brace itself to take this shock wave. This will light up your whole upper body, not just your core.

Joe Hashey is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA and owner of Synergy Athletics. He has authored the Bull Strength Manual for serious strength and power development. Check out Joe’s work and get a hold of incredible free newsletter bonuses over at

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5 Responses to “Strongman Training Workout – Guest Blog Post – Joe Hashey”

  1. Doug Says:

    Great Article
    I like all of the dynamic movements, we think of all of the dynamic movements with the legs only but you gave some great (primarily) upper body example.

    Thanks Joe and The Crew

  2. Joe Says:

    Doug, thanks!

    Good point about the upper body dymanic or plyo training. I like the tire clean and throw, especially for a lot of my lax (stick work) and football players (blocking) to get their arms with speed and strength.

    Trying to keep it simple for the guys that don’t have a commericial place to get to.

    I appreciate the comments!

  3. Rob Says:

    Brilliant stuff Joe

    Fantastic article, I love this kind of simplistic training which is also cheap to do!

    No excuses!


  4. Dean Says:

    Using the tyre for conditioning is a great idea. By a sheer coincidence, I was speaking to a wrestling coach the other day and he told me about someone he used to coach back in Russia who used to do the exact same exercises for strength and conditioning. He was in the 95kg class and used a tyre that was weighted to 95kg (obviously he worked up to that) and did nothing but tyre swings, throws, chopping into trees, never walked into a gym yet was like a rock. Unfortunately I cant remember the wrestlers name.

  5. fitness strength training Says:

    awesome post… I love the exercises. I have wanted to start these kind of training for a while its jut not around here very often.

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