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Strongman Training for Athletes – The Correct Tire Flipping Technique

Here is the video that I promised for this previous post located here:

It is not hard to incorporate strongman training techniques in your athletes programs, but you have to make sure the technique is right.

Otherwise, the benefit will not outweigh the risks.

Key points:

– Do not deadlift the tire
– Keep arms straight
– Hips back
– Drive through the tire
– Do not deadlift the tire

If you are TOO CLOSE TO THE TIRE when flipping (i.e. deadlifting the tire) when you STAND UP you are in a bad spot and have to wrestle with the tire with your biceps. Also, a more athletic position starts with your hips back (in about a 45deg angle) and driving forward.

The video also demonstrates a quick way to modify a tire to make it easier for younger athletes or for tires with bad tread and low profiles.


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6 Responses to “Strongman Training for Athletes – The Correct Tire Flipping Technique”

  1. Joe Pence Says:

    Does driving through with the knee place the hip flexors in a dangerous position?

    If the athlete is tired and doesn’t finish driving through the tire, the tire might come back down in the leg.

  2. Jim Smith Says:

    Without a doubt, there are risks. I would recommend that the quality of the movement should be the highest priority.

    For athletes, if fatigue is affecting the movement, then it is time to rest.

    With that being said, for strongman competitors, the knee is used to actually brace the tire as hand positioning is adjusted for the 2nd push.

  3. Z Says:

    That was an awesome video Smitty, definitely gonna try that technique, big time thanks on that bruddah.

    I am worried for you though, I hear werewolves in the background!

    keep killin’ it beast!


  4. Jim Smith Says:

    Thanks Zach, great write up on your blog!


    Some interesting points….I’ll be trying this technique on myself and my clients!
    Good video!

  6. Bill Long Says:

    Get info I think it will bring my tire training to full circle and once I can locate a company here in town that has a bigger tire then the 400lber I have that is now easy I will have to use this technique but for now I will train on the tire have practicing proper form which after all is key to all lifting.
    Great Read!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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