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Strongman Training and Loading a Keg

Here is a guest blog post from Elliot Hulse. He’s a strength coach down in Florida right off the Diesel block. Elliot loves strongman and integrates it into his program for his athletes. Elliot also just earned his pro card.

Elliot’s athletes kill it in this new video and for something really cool, Elliot shows you how to quickly disassemble and keg and fill it up for some fun!

Awesome job Elliot – thanks for the great video!

“Elliott Hulse is a Professional Strongman and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He is also the owner of Strength Camp, a sports performance gym in St. Petersburg Florida. He trains athletes to get stronger and faster in his “warehouse gym” with about $1000 worth of equipment. Learn more about Elliott and his no BS attitude towards Strength and Conditioning here ==>

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2 Responses to “Strongman Training and Loading a Keg”

  1. Joe Says:

    Nice guest post!

  2. David Elentukh Says:

    Thanks for this video, but theres one small thing about the keg part of it. There is a way to open a keg, clean it, fill it with water, and then reseal it without any new parts. That ring which he threw away can be put back into the mouth of the keg. I’ll post a video up in a few days of this stuff and more. Thanks guys!!!

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