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Strongest Strength Coach / Challenge Yourself

Who is the Strongest Strength Coach at Juniata?

Below are the events for the Strongest Strength Coach Event at the 2011 PA Strength and Conditioning Clinic at Juniata College on June 17, 2011.

Log Clean and Press for Reps

The Log will start on the ground, weighing roughly 150-lbs. The coach will pick the log up and clean it to his/her shoulder and from there Press/Push Press/Jerk it to the locked out position overhead for a “GOOD” call. For each subsequent rep, the log should taken back below the waste and then cleaned and pressed again. There will be a one-minute time limit. Points will be awarded for each good Lockout with head through and feet even upon recovery.

Mace Swinging

A StrongerGrip Mace will be used, loaded with roughly 12-lbs of shot. The coach will stat by bringing the Mace to the Vertical position (Order) and then swing it back behind his/her body, and returning it to the Order position. The coach will have one minute to complete as many repetitions as possible. Each rep must begin and end with the mace being vertical, but there is no need to pause.

Reverse Sled Drag

A sled loaded with 50 to 100-lbs will be pulled 50-feet as quickly as possible. The coach will need to be well-conditioned for this event and this will be a test of Grip Endurance because instead of a conventional handle to pull on, a Kettlebell will be used. The coach must pull the sled backwards and time will be kept on the event.


First place will receive ONE point, second will receive TWO points, etc. Fewest points at the end of the three events is the winner!

How do you enter?
All you have to do is attend the Juniata Clinic on June 17 and 18, 2011. To sign up to attend the seminar, check out this link: Juniata Clinic.

Stronger Grip

So, What was Your Personal Challenge This Week?

If you are on my newsletter, you know that I asked everyone to challenge themselves this week by doing something new. I gave a few examples of things you could try or get ready for. I later shared what I challenged myself to do as well.

I don’t think it’s right for me to put a challenge out there to all of you without also challenging myself, so I want to tell you about TWO THINGS I did this week to challenge myself. One has to do with training and the other doesn’t.

FIRST OFF, I was recently inspired by a post on Jason Ferruggia’s blog about the value of sprinting for Fat Loss. And since I am always in the need of a little more fat loss, and since Beer League Softball Season is coming up and I always find a way to manage 6 to 10 groin pulls each season, I started doing sprints at the end of my workouts.

I even shot some video of it to get an idea of how poor my mechanics are and to give myself something to work with in improving them. Below is the video…

(I know my form sucks. I am not a runner, but I WILL improve)

SECOND OFF, I also sat my ass down in front of my PC and began editing a DVD that I show back in November. You see, when I was in Ohio for Leg 4 of the World’s Strongest Hands Series, I met up with a longtime friend of mine, Steve Slater and we filmed the first of hopefully many projects together. This one is an Introduction to Strongman Training. This is going to be the GO-TO product for Strongman Training done safely. This one is going to be for ANYONE who wants to start including Strongman Training in their routine but who doesn’t want to get hurt doing it.

I can not believe the crappy instruction that is out there on Strongman Training, especially the Tire Flip. I surfed around the net for other DVD’s on the market and found one of the leading ones and the instructor is showing the WORST FORM EVER for the Tire Flip. I can’t believe the kid demonstrating hasn’t torn a bicep with the form that is being taught in that DVD.

This DVD is going to be different. It is going to show you how to do the events THE RIGHT WAY so you can build muscle, speed, and athleticism while developing BRUTE STRENGTH at the same time.

This DVD should be ready very soon, because I have a good head of steam going. If you want to be one of the first to know when it is ready, make sure to sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of this post.

Between Sprinting and Video Editing, I really challenged myself this week, getting WAY out of my comfort zone. So, the question is

What did you do this week? Leave a comment below and tell us about it, Diesels!

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