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The Stronger Grip Modular Grip System


Variety and Convenience.

These are two things I am always looking for in my training.

Having Variety allows me to constantly be challenging myself in the gym with new and different pieces of equipment. This keeps the gains coming and the PR’s piling up.

Convenience is very important to me because I have limited space for training and don’t want to waste time setting stuff up and breaking stuff down. I want to get in, get the work done, and be able to get out of the gym and enjoy my time with my family.

Maybe you are like that too?

Well, I’ve got a buddy named Ryan Pitts. Maybe you have heard of him. He runs a company called Stronger Grip Enterprises.

Ryan has put out a brand new grip training equipment system, called the Modular Grip System.

The Modular Grip System is a training equipment kit with loading pins and interchangeable parts.

This means that it will allow you to train various aspects of grip strength with a small collection of tools.

The MGS, as it is called, comes with two loading pins and various plug-in style handles which attach to these loading pins. Let’s run down the handles that come within the system:

1. Two Hand Pinch (normally $59)
This is a steel implement that attaches to the loading pin and allows you to train open hand strength and thumb strength, two very important aspects of grip which have carryover to all sorts of athletic activities and sports.

2. Plateau Buster Handle (normally $149)
This is another steel implement that is used to train true support strength. The handle is about 1 inch in diameter, meaning just about everybody will be able to wrap their hand completely around it and strengthen the grip for deadlifts and other pulling movements.

3. A 2 3/8-inch Vertical Bar
This device allows you to train in an ulnar deviated open hand position. You’ve probably seen vertical bar training before, but if not, think gripping a giant office
water bottle by the neck, or trying to pull a 2 and 3/8 inch thick horseshoe stake out of the ground. This joint orientation is also very similar to pulling on a long rope. Awesome for serious hand strength.

4. Thick Burger Grip
This is pretty much a new device for me, but it is very similar to block weight training. The Burger Grip is pill-shaped. Imagine lifting a giant aspirin tablet.
Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

If you’re looking for a good set of equipment that is going to last you a long time, then this could very well be perfect for you.

I own all kinds of Ryan Pitt’s Stronger Grip equipment and it is all top notch.

In terms of workmanship, much of Ryan’s equipment BLOWS AWAY his competitors in terms of quality and aesthetics, plus they are built to last.

Looking at the new design, I think this version of the Plateau Buster will be even better than the first version for dynamic training such as swings, because the plates will be loaded vertically instead of horizontally.

I still use mine to this day for heavy two-handed swings because I can actually get both hands on the handle fully, something most people are unable to do with kettlebells.

I hope Ryan puts up records lists for this equipment. I know it is always fun to see how much you can pull on new pieces of equipment, but when there are public listings available on sites like his, it makes it even more fun and allows you to challenge yourself for years down the road as well.

So, make sure you check out the Modular Grip System from Stronger Grip. Right now it is just $199 for the whole package. That is less than the regular total for the Plateau Buster and Two Hand Pinch handle.

If you get the MGS right now, you will essentially get the Vertical Bar and Burger Grip handles for free.

Enjoy and all the best in your training,


P.S. Ryan has indicated that he is working on other prototypes that will be coming out later as additional plug-in handles for the Modular Grip System. So that means even more goodies to come!

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