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Build Muscle for $9.96

Unique Training Equipment That is Cheap and Effective

Sometimes the motivation is there but the money isn’t.  Trainers and coaches don’t always have a big budget to go along with their big dreams.  Dreams of owning the best equipment or the best facility.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you don’t always need to have the best of everything to get RESULTS.  As with every exercise having an alternative, so too is there an alternative to the fanciest equipment.

We here at Diesel have known this for years.  We’ve built athletes over the years with little to no fancy stuff.

Just hard work and the motivation to always innovate.


Here is a 4-pack of furniture sliders that I picked up from Lowe’s.  The cost was only $9.96.  Pretty incredible!

You can use these immediately in your strength program and GET BIG RESULTS!

Now, we’ve been using these for the past 2 weeks and I have to say, I am really impressed.  Whenever we move from an exercise where we use the slider back to the “regular” movement, it becomes much easier.  For example, backward lunges on the slider require so much more stability and balance, when you perform a bodyweight lunge, it becomes easy.

More stability in an unstable environment requires a back and forth of tension and relaxation.  It is a skill.  But when developed, this skill has huge returns.  The need for tension for the big, compound lifts can be optimized and developed with these types of movements.

Cool Exercises With the Sliders

Push-ups Reaches

Push-up Pike Ups

Some other exercises:

  • hand walking for distance or time
  • push-up pike-ups
  • push-up reaches in all directions
  • ab roll-outs
  • backward lunges
  • glute bridge in hamstring curls
  • quad squat into sit-through push-up

Other Benefits of Sliders

They are really cheap and portable.  If you run a bootcamp, you can buy a bunch of them and start using them right away.  The people who attend the bootcamp will really like how different the movements are, and it will keep the session fun.

Want an Even Cheaper Alternative?

If you don’t have $9.96 in the bank, no problem at all.  Here are two really cheap substitutes!

For Hard Surfaces – a small hand towel, used under each hand or foot, can be used just like a slider on hard surfaces

For Carpeted Surfaces – an upside down frisbee can be used as a substitute for sliders on a carpeted area.

Homemade, Cheap Equipment for Real Muscle

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Check out Chaos Training for Athletes

Check out Core Training

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11 Responses to “Build Muscle for $9.96”

  1. Amanda Thebe (foxyburd) Says:

    Holy cow, I was just about to order some Valslides. Going off to get these right now. You rock!!

  2. Niel Says:

    I checked Home Depot the other day for these, but they only had the round ones.

    To Lowes it is!

  3. Roland Says:

    One frisbee is awesome for alligator crawls down the street.

  4. Richard Says:

    You are right about using stability drills for great gains. I have been using furniture sliders for several months and it has given me a rock solid core.

    I do have to say the towel did not work out for me, there was too much friction which wore through the fabric in no time. Another cheap alternative for carpet is paper plates or even glossy magazine covers. Still burn through them, but at least you won’t get crap from the wife when you throw them out.

    Keep sliding!

  5. Jerry Shreck Says:

    Good idea Smitty. I did a post a while back showing how to do these exercises as well with paper plates. Sometimes the floor surface is an issue for the paper plates where these might work better.

  6. Njama Says:

    I’ve been using them for a few years now, well before i got my ab wheel, you can also combine the two depending on ur core strength, but you do have to be careful, once you learn how to control the movements, you’ll have an even sicker slide out movement. Try doing an inch worm with the ab wheel out front and the sliders under your feet

  7. Bill Jones Says:

    Been using them for a few months as well. Try some fly movements, lunges, standing Hip Adduction.

    The worst thing to do (or is it the best?)…suicides. Yep better have a bucket ready!!

  8. Darragh Says:

    You crazy people, how can you suggest buying a 10Dollah product when you can pay 35$ for the same thing with a really cool name like valslide on



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  10. will Says:

    best thing and cheapest thing i use is surprise surprise a plastic plate. go to the $.99cents store and you get 50 of them.
    great to do slider pushups! and every thing else

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