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Current Training and Upcoming Plans

Right now, I guess you could say it is the Grip Sport Off-Season, if there is one of those.

We just got done with the World’s Strongest Hands Series in November. I have been told by the head promoter of that series, David Horne, that there will indeed be a WSH next year in the Fall, but there will be 3 Legs instead of 4, and there will be more like 5 events per Leg instead of just 3.

David has been quiet about what the events will be, but has hinted at them, so I have begun training them a bit here and there where they fit in my training. I’m not waiting until Leg 2 next year to start training. that decision screwed my placing up from the very beginning this year.

Since this is the “Off-Season,” I have been focusing on three goals:

  • 1. Mash Monster Level 3 – This is a Gripper certification on the Gripboard that I have been chasing since 2004. I should have my butt kicked for not closing this Gripper yet.
  • 2. No-Set / Credit Card Set Training – I have never trained Wide Gripper sets for more than like 2 workouts in a row for years and thus my Wide Set Strength is weak. I am using Knurled Grippers like the Captains of Crush and Beef Builders as well as the Vulcan for this Training.
  • 3. Block Weights – My hands usually feel the strongest when I am hitting Block Weights hard so I have been doing a lot of stuff with them lately. One of the measures I have used in the past is Lifting my half 115 Block Weight. Another one is the Fat Man Clone. Both of these are large freakin’ Blocks that require huge hands AND serious Grip Strength. I’ve got both of those, but they are still pretty tough for me. More on that later in the week…

With these goals in mind, here are a couple of recent videos I’ve put up on my YouTube Channel.

Blob Transfer by the Face

If you don’t know what a Blob is, please check out this post = > What is the Blob.

A Blob Transfer is when you pass it from one hand to another. You can hand it directly over, or you can toss it. This is where it is in the air for an instant.

Here, I lift the Blob and Transfer it Hand-to-Hand.

That lift was done “By the Face” meaning the Blob was turned over and lifted by spanning the thumb and fingers over the Face of the Blob.

I want to keep working on this and see if I can get a little more control with the second hand and pause it at the top. I am confident I can do this with just a little more work.

No-Set Level 12 on the Vulcan

As I mentioned earlier, my No-Set stuff sucks, plain and simple, so I have been trying to work more of it in.

On this night, I was watching the baby, so I had her judge my close, and since it has been an average temperature of about 36 degrees in my Garage Gym lately, I didn’t think it would be a good idea to take her down there, so I brought my stuff upstairs.

Now, I have trained JayCee to be very strict. I’ve told her, “It isn’t closed unless you can actually see the handles touching,” and since the handles are jet black on the Vulcan it can be tough to see.

As you’ll see, JayCee is pretty strict…

I love every single minute I get to spend with my daughter.

Going to continue working on these three goals for the rest of December.

In January, I am going to modify my training to more of a Thick Bar emphasis, as if I were going to be competing in the Viking Challenge in California at the end of the month. Medical issues in my family will make it impossible for me to travel to that competition, but I plan on doing my own comp here at my house to see how I stack up to everyone’s numbers from that show.

Later in the week, I’ve got a couple more posts planned

  • Did you know there are Benefits to Cold Weather Training? I’ve got the details coming up.
  • Looking for a way to get your ass in shape? I’ve got a guest post for you this week that will show you simple stuff you can do in circuit format to build strength while you condition.

I hope you have a fantastic Christmas (if you celebrate) this week. And if not, then please take the opportunity to spend as much quality time with your friends and family as possible.

All the best in your training this week.


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