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Upcoming Strength Training Clinics and Seminars

Chances are you train for strength because you want to improve yourself.

You want to get stronger, more physically fit, have better endurance, and maybe even lose some weight.

Well, the truth is if you really want to improve physically, then you should also continue to learn as well.

By doing this you can not only challenge yourself physically but also mentally, for more well-rounded development.

If you are looking for opportunities to help develop your mind as well as your body, then check out the listings below.

Each one of the following events is different, covering different topics, targeting different audiences, using different formats. However, each one of them brings with it an outstanding opportunity to learn from some of the best in their craft.

Make sure to check each one of these out and see if there might be something there that interests you.

Who knows, maybe I will see you there…

Strong Mind (left), Strong Body (right) – Time to Put Them Together

Super Human Training Seminar

Who: Logan Christopher and Bud Jeffries
When: April 15 to 17
Where: San Jose, California
Why: Bud Jeffries is known around the world for his feats of strength and endurance. He does strongman shows almost every day of the week, and sometimes multiple shows per day. You can’t do this unless you know what the hell you are doing. Logan Christopher is an RKC and has developed many outstanding strength training resources on Kettlebell Juggling, Hand Balancing, Kettlebell Snatching and more. He also does feats of strength and runs a strength training studio in his town.
How: Sign up here by April 1st to get HUGE DISCOUNT = > Super Human Seminar
(Anyone who signs up through my link gets a half-hour coaching call with me. Email me for details)

3rd Annual Pennsylvania Strength Clinic (NSCA)

Who: I will be Speaking along with Various Strength and Conditioning Presenters
When: April 9th
Where: Slippery Rock University, PA
Why: Eight Strength and Conditioning Professionals will be speaking over the course of the day on a variaty of topics: Jeremy Hoy, MS; Todd Berkey, MS, ATC, CSCS; Dr. Lineal Mitchell; Jedd Johnson, CSCS, RKC; Jerry Shreck, CSCS; Todd Berkey, MS, ATC, CSCS; Jeremy Hoy, MS
How: Sign up by contacting Coach Anthony Tridico: Slippery Rock Conference

Central Virginia Sport Performance Seminar

Who: Jay Demayo organizes this clinic each year.
When: April 30, 2011
Where: University of Richmond’s Robins Center
Why: The is a yearly event providing an opportunity for you to learn from some of the best minds in the field. The goal of all involved is to make this the best 1 day clinic in the United State every year. We bring in the individuals who are, in our opinion the best minds in the field to bring you top of the line, cutting edge information to help prepare your athletes to perform to their potential. The speaker lineup is as follows: Dr. Michael Yessis (via internet feed), Cal Dietz, Ethan Reeve, Joel Jamieson, Dr. Vladimir Issurin (via internet feed), Dr. Mainfang Ruan (via internet feed)
How: For more information or to sign up, please visit The seminar will also be broad cast as a webinar for those who may not be able to make the trek to Richmond. They have limiting seating to 100 so reserve you seats soon!

Juniata College Pennsylvania State Strength & Conditioning Clinic

Who: Various Strength and Conditioning Professionals
When: June 17 & 18, 2011
Where: Juniata College, Huntingdon, PA
Why: If you are a Strength Coach and need Continued Education Units, then this is a great value. 1.9 CEU’s for just $245.
How: Go here to sign up => Juniata Strength & Conditioning Conference

Kettlebells for Warriors / Salute to Slim

Who: Slim the Hammer Man Farman
When: May, 21, 2011
Where: York Barbell Store / Museum, York, PA
Why: This is a fund raiser for wounded servicemen. Also, Slim the Hammer Man Farman, will be recognized and inducted into the museum. There will also be many other events going on. Sure to be a great day.
How: For more information, check out this link: Kettlebells for Warriors.

All the best in your training!


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