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Stadium Steps

I love training.

I got home from work yesterday, hung out with the family and put the kids to bed.  I was sitting at home and it was 8:30pm at night and I felt like crap.  Not because I was tired, not because I was run down.  It was because I didn’t get to train all day.

I said screw it, threw on a sweatshirt and went down to the high school.  At 9pm at night, I was running the football stadium steps with my iPod shuffle blaring and my hoodie up.

IT WAS AWESOME.  In between each run, I dropped down and hit 30 push-ups and by the time the 30 minutes was over, I was sweating my *ss off and feeling rejuvenated.

What is the point?  There’s always time to train and to keep your sanity, don’t miss a workout!

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5 Responses to “Stadium Steps”

  1. Max Shank Says:

    Sick! Simple, not easy.

  2. Bill Long Says:

    I do this since I haven’t been sleeping well lately I get like a hour or two of sleep and wake up out of the blue feeling ready to run 5 miles. So the other night I went out in the garage and did some viking press and then went for a 3 mile run.

  3. jamie Says:

    geez howd you sleep after that?

  4. Jim Smith Says:

    Nice Bill.

    Jamie, I was just wired and it felt like I couldn’t sleep unless I did something. It was great after being stressed all day and just getting some time for myself.

  5. Bucktowndusty @ Says:

    Wish I had a school nearby to run steps. Have to use my hill instead.

    Hey, on an unrelated note. I constantly hear about the grip board, but for as long as I can remember, it does not have (unless I’m blind as hell) a button where people can actually sign up to become a member.
    What is the deal with this. Am I crazy?


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