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Squats – Start Doing Them Today

My buddy, Rick Walker, Squatting


The best thing I have done in the last 6 months is I have begun doing Squats again.

It took a LOT of work. I have a long, long history of back injuries. I have had to be mindful of my back every single day I train since the mid-2000’s.

But in the last 8 days I have Back Squatted 3 times, each time hitting over 365lbs.

My Squat sucks. But I love Squats.

I feel better when I am Squatting. My other lifts are bigger when I am Squatting regularly, grip included.

I missed doing Squats for the last 5 years. I thought I could make do without them.

I was Wrong.

If you have a healthy back, knees and hips, I encourage you to start doing Squats today.

If you don’t have a healthy back, you need to fix it. Do whatever it takes.

If you can, do Back Squats. If you can’t handle Back Squats, try Front Squats. If not those, try Goblet Squats.

Goblet Squats – Gotta Start Somewhere

I will continue to do all of my soft tissue work, my warm-up, and my stretching so I can keep Squatting.

And that way, all my other lifts go up.

I will keep you updated on my progress.

Like I said, my Squat numbers SUCK compared to many other lifters, but that is OK. I am not in a hurry.

Here is a recent video of a couple of my Squats and some other Training on top of it.

By the way, Luke is Squatting too and he is blowing up in all other lifts as well.

Squat if you can, brotherrrr.


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