48 - Jason Spray MS CSCS SCCC USAW

The Spray Series

It is an online community for coaches and athletes of all ages and levels to come and find information and advice on all aspects of Speed, Strength, and Conditioning. With some of the top strength coaches from across the country contributing valuable training insight it is our desire that the Spray Series become one of the leading resources for the sharing of knowledge and ideas for the benefit of your athletes and training programs so that they may be taken to new levels.

Video of the Week: ME SQ/DL & Strongman Work

  • Banded Isometric Lunge Holds
  • Reverse Band Squats
  • 3 Way Lunge
  • Zercher Rack Pulls w/SSB
  • Overhead Shrugs
  • Telephone Pole Squat/Press/Walk Up
  • Rope Rows w/Sled

Video of the Week: Coach 48 Highlights IV

  • Dynamic Hurdle Warm-up
  • Banded Single Leg RDLs
  • High Rack Power Cleans
  • Stone Lifting Without Stones
  • Swiss Bar Floor Press w/Chains
  • Isometric / Dynamic Push-ups
  • Standing Hammer Rows
  • Banded Tates
  • Fingal Fingers
  • Tire Flipped
  • Sled Dragging

Video of the Week: ME Bench with Some Sled Work

  • Chaos Bench with Kettlebells and Bands
  • Heavy DB Benching
  • Banded Pull-ups
  • Sick sled dragging combinations

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