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Sorinex Summer Strong – Part 3

The Original Blob, it’s brother, Bro-Blob and the Blue Blob
You’re drooling, aren’t you?

So, I already told you about Part I and Part II of this series. If you missed them, scroll down or click the links below:

Sorinex Summer Strong 4RT Pull-ups and Double 45-Pinch

Sorinex Summer Strong 4 – < href="">Inch Dumbbell and Baby Inch Overhead Lifting

Now it is time to move on to the Blob.

I’ve written about Blob lifting many times before.

Let’s take a look at the first Blobs that ever walked the face of the earth.

You see, Richard Sorin coined the term “Blob” when he began training to lift a half 100-lb dumbbell that broke. There are several stories as to how this first 100-lb York Dumbbell got broken in order to bring about the Blob to existence…

The first story is that Richard, back in his days as Power Bodybuilder, was doing a Dynamic Curl Day and the speed at which he was curling is 100-lb dumbbells made one of the heads snap clean off. That is some serious torque and velocity.

Another story I have heard is that a plane crashed in his back yard and the Jet Fuel ignited, causing structural failure of the handle, right where it goes into the dumbbell head.

I also heard that either George Hackenschmidt or Thomas Inch (reports have brought up both names) came by with Thermite and blasted the heads off with remote detonations.

Whatever the true story is, back in the day Richard had the sense to train on this piece of Iron for Grip Strength and not just to throw it away.

Below are pictures of the Original Blob, it’s brother, and the mysterious Blue Blob. Check them out…

The Original Blob

the original blob

As you can see, this one is marked in white paint pen by Richard himself as “The Blob.” Heretofore, I will be refering to this one as the O-Blob.

The Other Half of the Dumbbell – Blob’s Brother

This is the other half, again marked in white paint pen. I will heretofore refer to this one as the Bro-Blob.

The Blue Blob

As you can see, this Blob is a different color. Per Richard Sorin, this Blob was a model that came out between the time York’s dumbbells first were produced and before the narrower “Next Generation” Blobs came out.

So, as you can see there is an entire Blob Entourage.

And I went down to Sorinex to lift them all!

In the morning before the Summer Strong event, Andrew Durniat said to me, “Hey Jedd, let’s run in there and lift one of those Blobs.”

And I said, “No Andrew. Let’s WALK in there and LIFT THEM ALL!”

Check out the videos…

O-Blob Lift, Followed by Shoulder Raises

This was my first time ever trying the O-Blob. When I was at Sorinex in 2006, I never even gave it a try, because I was so burnt out from the drive down, the bad pizza the night before, the GGC contest, and dreading the ride back home. The shoulder raises are pretty tough. That is a very weird position to lift the Blob.

Lifting the Blue Blob

The Blue Blob is a bit less seasoned than the O-Blob and Bro-Blob, but it didn’t matter much. It still came up pretty easy for a god two second pause at the top.

Lifting the O-Blob and Bro-Blob Together

Check out the markings and the weights on each Blob. I don’t think more than handful of people have done this. I am sure Rich, Tex and Chad have done it – maybe Andrew???

Lifting both Original Blobs Backwards at the Same Time

Here, I lift both original Blobs at the same time. Richard said I am most likely the only person to ever do this. Lifting Blobs Backwards increases the difficulty quite a bit. I’d say it feels like adding an additional 5-lbs or so, for me.

Explaining What Exactly Backwards Blob Lifting Is

Embarrassing the O-Blob – Adding 7.5-lbs

Now it was time to just plain embarrass the O-Blob. After all, nothing is more embarrassing to a Blob than getting weight added to it in order to make it a challenge again.

Not sure if you know this, but I LOVE Pinch Grip Training. Whether it’s Blobs, Block Weights, Odd Objects, Anvils, I love this stuff.

To get the opportunity to get to try these things was awesome. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate being given the chance, quite literally by Richard and Bert Sorin. This trip was awesome, I enjoyed myself more than I have in months, I got to meet and train with great people – it was just fantastic.

If you missed out on this, I encourage you to keep an eye out for it next year in June, as it is always right around the same time each year.

Check back tomorrow or the next day, when i will post the last of my videos and the pictures from the trip.

All the best in your training.


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  1. Rick Walker Says:

    My original fatman blobs weigh in right around the 52.3 mark or so as well.

    Pretty cool to have a piece of history in my garage for the boys to lift one day.

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