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Some Pinch Training Footage

Below is a video that I uploaded in December, but I never got around to making it public until now, for whatever reason…

For years, the majority of my Pinch Training was singles. That’s it.

I started doing some reps in 2009, but only on rare occasions.

So, I took a look at my training in December and looked for ways I could do something different, and I decided that I would try out some reps.

It paid off BIG TIME. I was soon moving BIG WEIGHT (for me anyway).

As I cover in the video, I have never moved this much weight for so many reps.

It may sound crazy for me to be so happy to lift 214-lbs, since I’ve done so much for a single, but honestly when you never try doing more than one rep, even a double feels damned hard, regardless of the weight.

Felt pretty good on this day…

I can’t wait to get my hands back on the Euro
. I haven’t touched it since February and that day I broke more weight off the ground than I ever had before. This is the longest I have ever gone since I’ve had it.

This finger injury is driving me freakin’ crazy. When you are used to busting your ass training Grip every time you train it becomes part of you.

To go from that to almost zero Grip training because every single repetition involving a pull feels like your finger is going to pull off, it makes you appreciate the time and sweat you put in.

Thankfully, this week, I was able to perform some pull-ups with ZERO pain. I am hoping that this means that soon I will be back to full time action, training Grip.

However, with healing seeming to arrive, it becomes very hard to not give in to the temptation of giving the Euro a quick pull, but if I did that and re-injured my finger, I’d be pretty freakin’ pissed.

I’ve got a routine that I am following and it seems to be working, so look for more PR videos coming soon.

Finish the Week Strong!


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