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Some Grip Strength Feat Videos

These are just some of the wild Grip Strength Feats that went down at my house after this year’s Global Grip Challenge, the US Grip Strength National Championship.

Lifting the ImpossiBlob…
Brendan Dwyer brought his 72-lb block weight made of Hot Roll Steel and we all tried lifting it after the US Grip Championships on August 30, 2008.

Attempting the Mad Half 115 Hex Block
This is one half of a 115-lb hex dumbbell that Shane Larson sent to me in 2004 or 2005. Its slope is very harsh and wide and I have never fully deadlifted it. I was able to juuuust break it off the ground after the US Grip Championship on August 30th.

Various Grip Feats
Here is footage of several grip feats that took place after GGC 2008: lifting a half 120-lb hex block, single blob lift, double blob lift, blob farmers walk , etc.

The contest was a great time and the party afterward was even better. Thanks to everyone who competed and also those who helped out and lent a hand during the contest to make it go smoother.

Also many thanks to our superb sponsors, who donated without a doubt the biggest collective prize package we have ever had for GGC:


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2 Responses to “Some Grip Strength Feat Videos”

  1. Bucktowndusty Says:

    Jedd. That blob run caught me off guard and induced the “laugh out loud at the office and make people ask what was so funny” laugh.

    Diesel on,

  2. rweeks Says:

    i’m wondering how to implement a routine, do you pinch grip, finger pinch with thesilver dollar pincher , grip block, etc in all the workout going from one to another, give me a routine which would be best, i am 53 years old

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