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Snatch Test Update – 9/7/2010

Well, I continue to progress with the Snatch Test. Today I warmed up while one of the trainees was here and then hit my 5-minute snatch test once he left.

After speaking with Dave Whitley, he suggested I go away from trying to get as many reps as possible before switching arms like I had been doing, and instead hitting planned blocks. Andrew Durniat also suggested the same thing to me, so i figured if those two dudes are telling me the same thing, I better listen.

So, I set out today to get 20/20, 15/15, and then 10/10. However, my left arm kept wearing out on me. I was trying to maintain better form with that arm and keep the track of bell more of a straight line as opposed to an arc. Not sure if that tired me out more or what…

Here is the rep pattern that I ended up getting (right hand first this time): 20/18, 15/10, 10/10, 8/8, 7.

I wanted to give it a try with my right hand first this time because my form is better on that arm, but I think I like the feel of going with my left hand first though.

Today was another PR of 106 reps in 5 minutes.

I think I could have probably squeaked out a couple extra snatches on the last attempt with my right hand, but I had the music turned up so loud that I thought I might have missed the buzzer. I use my BlackBerry for my timer and unfortunately the screen goes black after like 30 seconds. I went over to see if I had already gone 5 minutes and as I reached down to check the buzzer went off. So I might have 108 in the tank right now. Check out the video:

I think if I had someone hear telling me exactly how much time I had left on the clock, I could do a lot better. Going to work Swings today in mass quantities for my second workout to get my endurance up in that movement as well.

It was definitely nice to gas out today. I actually missed it over the last 8 or ten days, since I wanted to avoid damaging my hands for Nationals.

With more consistent practice, I have no doubts I can get over 110 by the time the test rolls around. Need to continue working on form, using more of my lower body, work on breathing, and pulling the bell down more.

Thanks to everyone who has left comments both here on Diesel, through the email and on my YouTube Channel.

Speaking of my YouTube Channel, I worked on it a bit last night. Check it out and subscribe if you have time = > Jedd’s YouTube Channel: Grip, Strongman, and More!


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