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Tribute to Slim the Hammer Man &
Special Grip Strength Challenge

Image courtesy of Iron Tamer Dave Whitley

Hello Diesels! I trust you are making your mark on the Strength World this week by training like freakin’ monsters! If not, then do it tonight…

This is a special week, because this weekend, the York Barbell Museum will induct Slim the Hammer Man Farman into their Halls alongside his mentor, the Mighty Atom.

I have met Slim a couple of times and spoken with him on the phone and I must say he is an impressive individual. His height, hand size, as granite-carved, steel-cable-wrapped arms are crazy!

Recently, I was sent an Iron Master recognition submission from the Irish Anvil, Tom Kelly, who is somewhat of a student of Slim’s and lives in the same home town as the Legend himself.

Iron Master – Slim The Hammerman Farman

Slim the Hammer Man Farman preparing for a feat with the Irish Anvil Tom Kelly assisting

Tom Kelly writes…

“My choice for Iron Master is obvious…Slim The Hammer Man.

My earliest memory of Slim is him out for a “run.” It was scary. Very scary actually…

I was about 12 years hanging out with the neighborhood kids on our bikes, then what I thought was Lerch from the Addams family comes jogging by, not only in blue or black work clothes but with black work shoes (probably steel tips !!!!)

Now I have mentioned this to Slim several times and we laugh, but the other month he showed me a work-out he had recorded in the mid 70’s and shows me where it said he went out running! Then he tells me “yeah with my steel tips on !!!!”

After the Mighty Atom passed, who else but Slim kept the old time strongman alive? There may be a few, but none do I now as well as Slim.

We all know the feats, the records, the name, the hammers, the axe. Some of us really know the man. I just happened to live near him since 1968.

I am very glad that York is inducting Slim this month into the Strongman museum. He totally deserves it and I hope everyone can come out and give him some praise and thanks.”

The Irish Anvil bends steel as Slim looks on

Thanks a ton Tom! I couldn’t agree more…

Slim the Hammer Man Farman

What are the Diesel Crew Iron Masters?

I started the Iron Masters as a way to recognize those who have been an inspiration to us all in the form of strength and fitness. The person must simply be over the age of 40 and must be a continued example of dedication to the craft of strength and fitness.

As of late, most of the nominees have been major faces in the world of strength, but they do not have to be. They can be a parent or relative, that person at the gym that guided you down the right path, or anyone else you feel you would like to recognize as having had a major part in making you the person you are today.

Some past Iron Masters…

If you would like to nominate someone, please send me an email, and tell me who the person is and a little about them, and why you are nominating them along with a picture (if possible). I look forward to your submissions.

This Week’s Grip Strength Challenge – The Slim Lever

Furthermore, as a tribute to Slim, this week’s Grip Strength Challenge will be the Slim Lever, done with a sledge hammer positioned flat on the ground and grasped at the end of the handle in order to lever it to a vertical position.

Here is a video demonstrating the lift:


1. Use at least a 6-lb sledge hammer or mall.

2. Start with the sledge on the ground, parallel to floor.

3. Grip at very end of handle. A conservative towel can be used for padding for the knuckles.

4. Lever the sledge to the vertical position.

5. Lower under control to the floor.

6. Provide info for the weight of the head of the object used and the length of the handle in the video.

7. Upload to YouTube, with the Title: Diesel Grip Strength Challenge – Slim Lever

8. Include in the description: – Grip Strength

9. Include the Tags: Grip Strength, Hand Strength, Wrist Strength, Slim Farman

10. Send the video to me at my email, YouTube of Facebook by 8 PM EST on Friday, May 20, 2011

I am really looking for a good number of submissions this week for this special occasion. If you have a sledge hammer, you best be filmin’, Diesels!

All the best in your training.


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3 Responses to “Tribute to Slim the Hammer Man &
Special Grip Strength Challenge”

  1. Jeremy Priestner | Art of Lifting Says:

    Cool stuff. Does anyone know a good resource where I can read up on the biography of Slim’s life? Hopefully with references to his contributions to the strongman community as well?

  2. K Greto Says:

    I’m going to try and make it out there, do you know what time everything’s going to get started?
    Btw, awesome menu on the youtube video.

  3. Jason Steeves Says:

    Entered in another one Jedd. Seeings as I’ve got some time here on holidays I’ll try to hit a few of these again.

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