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Slim Lever Submissions

Last week’s feat was the Slim Lever (Demonstration Video).

Check out the submissions below and please leave a vote in the comments section below for the one that you feel is most impressive. Voting will go on until Noon (EST) on Monday, May 23! (Please only vote one time per person)

Chris Vaughn – 5-lb Axe

Mike Rojas – 7-lb Sledge with 31.5″ Handle

Darrin Shallman – 6-lb Hammer

Mike Krahling – 12-lb Hammer, 33-inch Handle

Jason Steeves – 12-lb Hammer, 33.25-inch Handle

Leander Rådesjö – 8-lb Hammer, 27-inch Handle

Paul Tompkins – 9.5-lbs (total – most likely 8-lb head)

Great job everyone. Really nice work on the Slim Lever!


P.S. Keep checking back at the site for a compelte write-up of the Slim the Hammerman / Mighty Atom induction ceremony at York Barbell that took place on 5/21/11!

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9 Responses to “Slim Lever Submissions”

  1. Jason Steeves Says:

    I vote for me 😀

  2. Jason Steeves Says:

    Hahaha! Mike K. please. Impressive levering from everyone. We needed Josh in the mix this week.

  3. Josh McIntyre Says:


  4. Leander Says:

    jason steeves

  5. Darrin Shallman Says:

    Jason Steeves gets my vote. Nice job.

  6. Mike Krahling Says:

    Jason steeves gets my vote. His wrist strength has come a long way in the last year. Great job

  7. Jedd Johnson Says:

    Voting is closed. Jason Steeves is the winner!

  8. Jason Steeves Says:

    Thanks everyone! Thanks Jedd. There’s a few of us racing to 16# because of this. If anyone else is interested get ahold of me or Mike K.

    Thanks again.


  9. Josh McIntyre Says:

    I’m weighing my gas weed eater

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