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Diesel Crew Feat of the Week Challenge – Week 4

Week 4 – Hammer Levering

Hello Diesels!

The time has come to vote for Week 4’s Submissions, but before you get to the videos, read what one of the participants sent me this week.

I hope this shows some of you are hedging on submitting videos that you should keep on trying because when you do finally hit the feat, it is so freakin’ awesome!!!

“Just so you know I’m having a blast with this idea of yours. There have been a couple times I didn’t think I could do the challenge since I never trained grip, but I practice up all week, work on technique and so far have made great progress in the lifts you’ve picked. Hopefully they keep going up, so I can be a grip jedi like some of you other guys.”

Darrin Shallman

Mark Hrko

Mary Anne McKeague

Josh McIntyre

Derek Girven

Paul Tompkins

Matt Hunt

Mike Rojas

Thanks for voting everybody!


Stronger Grip

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76 Responses to “Diesel Crew Feat of the Week Challenge – Week 4”

  1. Ray G Says:

    My vote is for McIntyre!

  2. Doris Says:

    My vote is for Josh McIntyre!!!!!

  3. Mike Coop Says:

    Josh McIntyre

  4. Amber Says:

    Derek Girven!!

  5. Seth Says:

    I vote for Derek Girven!!

  6. Kaylee Says:

    My vote is Derek Girven!

  7. John Casciato Says:

    I vote for Mary Anne McKeague, a woman showing how to hang with the big boys.

  8. Doug Says:


  9. Jen Says:

    My vote goes to JOSH MCINTYRE.

  10. chris g Says:

    Josh McIntyre all the way

  11. Chris Rice Says:

    Mary Ann all the way!

  12. Richard Rosa Says:

    Josh McIntyre hands down.

  13. Rocco Poliseo Says:

    Josh McIntyre!! He doesn’t cut his grass he dares it to grow!

  14. Big Mike Says:

    Josh McIntyre for sure, love the music!

  15. Angelo Delmonte Says:

    LOL @ the idiots voting more than once back to back for Derek Girven. Stop ruining the contest….. My vote is for Josh Mcintyre.

  16. Nadine Says:

    My vote goes to Josh M.

  17. t-bone Says:

    I like the irish mic josh! He smells like potatos and jamesons…

  18. Lucy L Says:

    Josh McIntyre gets my vote!

  19. Sue Says:

    I vote for Josh McIntyre!

  20. Jason G Says:

    Derek Girven – It won’t just smash your skull, it’ll split it open!

  21. Dana Says:

    Derek Girven

  22. Anthony Says:

    Matt Hunt. Kids a beast

  23. Liza Says:

    Paul Tompkins!

  24. L Jo Says:

    Ivote for Paul Tompkins

  25. W Sue Says:

    Paul Tompkins gets my vote!

  26. Ryan Says:

    McIntyre is getting old with his videos… Hunt is the man.. he’s got my vote

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