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Shoulder Rehab – New Facepulls


You see it every day in the gym.  Everyone hitting the big movements; bench, squat, deadlifts, press, calve raises, etc…

You also hear the same things, “I can’t bench anymore, my shoulder kills”, or “Squats wrecked my (insert muscle/joint here)!”

Fix Your Shoulder – READ THIS

Now you can be powerful, you can be explosive but can you be in it for the long haul?  The key to training and athletic preparation is longevity.  But few are willing to do what it takes if they don’t get that immediate satisfaction.

They love doing bench press because is blows their chest up.  They love doing curls because it pumps up the biceps.  But few consistently incorporate the maintenance and rehab exercises that are important for their long term health.


Shoulder exercises, strength and free flow movements targeting the activation and strength of the muscles (deltoids, teres minor/major,  serratus anterior, traps, SITS, rhomboids, lats) that stabilize and engage upper body movements MUST BE DONE and are as important as the heavily loaded compound movements.

Here at Diesel, we’ve been providing you with these essential exercises for years because we understand this simple concept.

movarrow If fact, with respect to the upper body, you can see:

NEW Face Pulls

Here is a new variation to the conventional execution of face pulls.

Why is it different?

Because we are utilizing a band and ensuring that the hands are equi-distance apart throughout the rotation and end point of the movement.  This ensures we have a greater latissimus dorsi, teres major/minor and tricep engagement.

If you focus on the form it is an amazing addition to your arsenal.  Utilize an Elite mini-band and step away from the cage to increase the tension.

How to Perform:

Step 1:  Shoulder Retraction


Step 2:  Externally Rotate


Step 3:  Externally Rotate Maintain Distance Between Hands Pulling the Band Apart


New Face Pulls Video


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12 Responses to “Shoulder Rehab – New Facepulls”

  1. Adam L Says:

    I have dislocated my shoulder twice once with weights another time at work and I am always doing rehab work to keep it up, and this looks like it will be added. I am going to try it wil some cables and a rope though. And…….I’M back from Iraq!!! Woot, have not lifted / ran in 7 days so tomorrow it is back to the steel!

  2. Jim Smith Says:

    Welcome back brother, thanks for everything you do for us! Keep us posted on how you like the exercise!

  3. Chris Warden Says:

    Looks great, cannot wait to try it soon…what are the specs on that band? elitefts band?

  4. Chris Warden Says:

    Re-read the description…THANKS! Great job with the pics and video btw!!

  5. tnthudson Says:

    Good stuff, Jim, I have noticed that the ACS stuff at the beginning and end of each workout seems to help alot with preventing the ‘cricks’ or muscle ‘pulls’ I tend to get. When you say ‘shoulder retraction,’ do you mean that we pull the shoulders back (shoulder blades together)…or do we also pull them down, towards our hips?
    Thanks again, love the detailed information!

  6. Jerry Shreck Says:


    This is a great exercise with the band. I also do this exercise with my athletes using rope. They both do a great job and are highly effective. Great post!

  7. Jim Smith Says:


    With the shoulder retraction I’m actually referring to scapular retraction. If the scapulae pull downward, that is actually a downward rotation.

    Let me know how the exercise feels when you try it.


  8. Jim Smith Says:

    Thanks Jerry and everyone else!

  9. zach even - esh Says:

    these are now dubbed, “Diesel Pulls”

    LOVE these dude, hit em’ today and felt awesome!

    ur the Master Smitty!


  10. Jim Smith Says:

    thanks man!

  11. Nastase Raducu Says:

    Cheek this out Rotator Cuff Pushups: Pushups with elbows drived in and hands like an L, i think this is the exact same as if i was to do internal rotations. So pushups for back what do you think? Or Bodyweight Rows between 2 bars same with elbows drived in for external

  12. Facepulls for Shoulder Rehab Says:

    […] you have any questions, visit “Shoulder Rehab – New Facepulls” – Smitty walks you through the movement, […]

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