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Shoulder Rehab and Louie Simmons

This video shows some club variations and a bench press performed with a flexible bamboo bar with kettlebells attached with elastic bands. The club variations improve the strength and strength mobility of the shoulders and upper back. The bamboo bench creates a vibrational training effect as described in the Chaos Manual ( ) which will help rehab various injuries, increase the integrity of the shoulder girdle and improve full body tension.

Here is Joe Hashey’s video from the same day. Joe’s video shows our attempts at the bamboo bar.

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5 Responses to “Shoulder Rehab and Louie Simmons”

  1. zach even - esh Says:

    that is awesome

    i have the clubs, they are great for the warm ups and forearm work

    im gonna snag me that bamboo bar

  2. Aaron Says:

    Where would you incorporate these into your program? A supp lift on a ME day or a main lift on a DE or rep day?

  3. Bruno Says:

    How many rep/set ?

  4. RiseAboveStr Says:

    Wow the bamboo bar looks tough but I can truly see the benefit for shoulder muscle activation. Louie did a ton of solid reps!

  5. Joe Hashey Says:

    Louie was told us to hit 20-30 reps for a few sets. I could see the usefullness as a upperbody supplemental or weakness addressing lift. I wouldn’t classify it as a primary.

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