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The Feel Better Immediately Shoulder Combo


If you’ve been around Diesel for any length of time you’ll know we have the most popular SHOULDER REHAB VIDEO on the internet.  At the time of this article, it has over 120,000 views and over 200 5-star ratings.


I think it is so popular because it has so many options.  The video itself has a ton of exercises but in the description on YouTube (to the right of the video) there are even more exercises you can insert into the protocol.  See the “How to Shoulder Rehab” in the Training Center on the right navigation on Diesel.

In this quick Shoulder Warm-up / Rehab combo, you’ll see the following:

Exercise 1: Seated Scarecrow
Exercise 2: Side Lying Posterior Flyes
Exercise 3: Kneeling Push-ups Plus
Exercise 4: Chest / Shoulder Stretch

This can be done before your workout, in the middle of your workout or after your workout.

Just do it!

Shoulder Warm-up / Rehab Combo

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5 Responses to “The Feel Better Immediately Shoulder Combo”

  1. Jonas Says:

    Great thing! The Stretching is incredible important! But I saw many guys who are incredible tight in the shoulder and cant extent their arms in a straight line with the spine. Especially when performing “free” Scarecrows they will cheat on the exercise because of lack in mobility. I told them to perform Scarecrows on an Incline Bench. So they can concentrate more on the right shoulder angle. In this way the exercise works as a mobility drill for them.

    Greetings Jonas

  2. Chris Says:

    I’ve been incorporating your shoulder work in some shape or form into damn near every workout for over a month now and am finally pain free in my right shoulder for the first time in I don’t remember how long.

  3. Maylin Salicetti Says:

    I really need to try these out. I haven’t been able to work out in 2 years. I hurt my shoulder doing shoulder presses. It’s never been the same. I had an MRI w/ dye done and it showed nothing and two cortisone shots didn’t help either.

    This looks like it is worth a try before I go the surgery route. It has improved in the sense that it no longer hurts all the time for no reason, but I still can’t really lift any weight without it popping then hurting several hours later.

  4. Best Shoulder Rehab Exercises – Part 1 Says:

    […] Original Post: […]

  5. allen gubba Says:

    I will give this a try , I hurt my shoulder 8 wks back. At first I could not hold a cup of coffee in that hand I have rested and worked around the pain. Thanks for the info looks like good stuff. I am a soldier so I am required to do p/ups for phys tests which are coming up in 2 wks.
    For my age, 54, I am required to only do 25, I am trying for 70 in two minutes. last test prior to injury I did 61.
    Thanks again
    Allen Gubba

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