All individuals undertaking a fitness or strength related program will complete the following prerequisite forms. This is to ensure your current health and fitness status are fully understood and your specific needs are thoroughly addressed prior to engaging any physical activity. Completing the appropriate forms will not only ensure your programs efficiency, but your general safety as well.

  • A Release Form
  • A Comprehensive Lifestyle Questionnaire
  • A Health History
  • Postural Assessment
  • Movement Assessment

Personal Training

Professional services for all ages include:

  • Corrective Exercises
  • Postural Assessments
  • Physiological Dysfunction
  • Body Recomposition
  • Sports Performance Enhancement
  • Conditioning Strategies
  • Comprehensive Training Protocols

Private Personal Training

We will help you determine your unique goals and structure your training program to exceed these goals. We will provide the guidance, motivation and detailed, hands-on instruction to get the results you want and improve your quality of life. Your program will be individualized and structured specifically for you. It is only with a program designed specifically for you, that you will achieve the greatest outcome. When working directly with one of our strength professionals, you will have a personal coach to teach you not only how to do an exercise or movement, but why you are doing it.

We want to provide you with the information and knowledge so that you can make informed decisions in your training. We will monitor your progress through the training journal that you maintain from the first day and make adjustments as you get stronger, healthier and more confident. As you change, so will your fitness goals!

Your creative and dynamic training sessions will include a thorough warm-up, the primary workout and restoration and corrective strategies. We will create workouts that incorporate the equipment that is available to you. It could include any number of resistance training equipment such as: barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, thick rope, odd-objects, strongman equipment, grip equipment or just bodyweight movements.

These safe and effective training sessions will also address soft-tissue quality, flexibility, coordination, mobility, stability, balance, strength, speed, agility and power.

You may choose to have your training supervised on a regular basis, or you may do so for a limited number of sessions in order to learn how to train with proper form and technique so you can go at it on your own. You also may even choose to train with a friend of a similar fitness level.

Contact us at [email protected] for rates and availability.

Semi-Private Training

By training with a friend or in a group, you will push and motivate each other to get the most out of each quality workout. Not only that, you will have fun!

Training with a friend or in a group is not only fun, but it will increase your support system for a healthier lifestyle and make personal training more cost effective for each person!

Also see Bootcamps (below) for the ultimate intense group training experience. Contact us at [email protected] for rates and availability.

Strength & Conditioning

Focused Program Design Strategies

  • Athletes at All Levels for All Sports
  • Powerlifters
  • Weightlifters
  • Kettlebell Training
  • Strongman Training
  • Non-Conventional Training
  • For those that just want to build lean muscle and get fit

Sports Performance Training

In order to excel in any sport, an athlete must supplement their skills training with a strength and conditioning program. By increasing the athlete’s level of general physical preparedness, they will enhance sport specific movements, improve recovery time after strenuous training and develop the physiological qualities necessary for the sport.

Every athlete will benefit from a performance enhancing program regardless of age or ability level. Each training program is designed to be age appropriate and progressive. It is essential for young athletes to begin training while learning proper form maximize injury prevention and learn proper movement patterns. This will increase their longevity and performance sports and carryover throughout their active life. A lack of customized training strategies and improper execution of exercises will inevitably cause cumulative stress and or injury. Don’t leave your athlete’s health and performance to generic programs carried out in a high school weight room!

Online Training Program Design

Our most versatile service! Online training allows an athlete, coach or fitness enthusiast to get your monthly routines at your convenience via email. It provides you with ongoing correspondences to monitor your progress and continually achieve your goals. In addition to the prerequisite forms, you will keep a journal of all your training sessions. This step is not only important, it is mandatory to your success and accountability to your program. The online training service is results-driven! We customize a training program that you can participate in at your convenience. This program is perfect for those with a family, long working hours, varying schedules or limited free time.

Your customized workout sheets will include:

  • Dynamic Warm-up and Activation Protocols
  • Safe, Balanced and Effective Custom Designed Training
  • No More Guess Work for Exercises, Sets, Reps, and Rest Intervals
  • Flexibility and Mobility Strategies
  • Regeneration Strategies
  • Training Journal Review and Updates
  • Email Support

Note: Once you start the program you are required to email me your training journal every Friday for my review. It will be closely monitored in order to ensure consistent progress toward your goals. You are responsible and held accountable to send me your weekly training logs.

Contact us at [email protected] for rates and availability.

Phone Consultation

Phone consultations offer a unique opportunity to quickly gather and exchange information, discuss strategies, identify goals and create the program to achieve them. The discussion can involve adjusting your current program, creating a new program or any topic related to your specific goals.

Regardless of whether you are a fitness professional, trainer, athlete or fitness enthusiast, phone consultations can be a great way to quickly get answers to your questions.

Prior to your phone consultation, you will be contacted to schedule your phone consultation at a time and place that is convenient for you. You will be emailed our extensive questionnaire so a baseline can be established prior to the phone call. For your convenience, you may use your minutes with multiple phone calls and with no expiration date.

Contact us at [email protected] for rates and availability.

Workshops / Boot Camps / Team Training / Challenges

Hands-on training and instruction can quickly improve your results and reduce the learning curve for executing new techniques. These intensive one or two day sessions will provide you with the coaching you need to learn and demonstrate the proper technique for various strength training protocols.


Workshops can be setup to provide you with individual, hands-on instruction for various multi-joint, multi-discipline strength training means. More specifically: power lifts, kettlebells, sandbag training, general form and technique at your request and/or combining any of the above to improve strength, conditioning, athletic performance, flexibility, mobility and exercise technique.

Bootcamps / Team Training / Challenges

These Intensive training models allow you to train with your friends and colleagues in a safe, monitored environment. Great for building team work and camaraderie! Bootcamps and corporate team challenges will bring you closer together as a company. Learn comprehensive exercises incorporating kettlebells, strongman equipment, bodyweight training, agility, plyometric training, power ropes, sandbags and become stronger under the highly qualified supervision of our team members.

Contact us at [email protected] for rates and availability.

Lectures / Mentoring

The Diesel Crew has presented their unique training protocols at clinics, seminars and conferences for the NSCA and various University strength programs. This face-to-face interaction will greatly improve your comprehensive knowledge and retention of complex training ideas and spark dialogue for a greater understanding. Schedule Jim or Jedd to present at your next conference or setup a phone consultation for your help with your next fitness or strength related presentation.

Contact us at [email protected] for rates and availability.

Also, for those who will be visiting or would like to travel to Northeastern Pennsylvania to work with Jim Smith or Jedd Johnson, email us at [email protected] for rates and availability.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our services or would like to know about other services that may not be listed here.