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Rogue Fitness Grip Equipment Reviews and Demos

I am working on some awesome things that we will be soon announcing. In fact, these are some of the biggest things I have ever worked on.

Working on these projects has been taking up a lot of my time recently, so I have not had the chances to sit down and write as much as I like.

However, I have had the time to do some more equipment reviews. Below are some videos I did on some of the excellent grip training equipment from Rogue Fitness.

Take note, Rogue is always expanding their equipment selection, so this is not all that they offer, but I must say I like the way they are going because some of this equipment is similar to the training we have been doing at Diesel Crew for years.

Rogue Fitness Equipment Review 1 – Straps, Carabiners, Grandfather Clock

I am about two degrees short of being a horder. It is probably best to call me a disorganized pack rat. For years, I had a couple of sets of straps in my gym that I use for attaching to things when carabiners didn’t fit, such as Rolling Thunder handles onto my pull-up bar. I lost those things so many times it isn’t even funny. Rogue has developed their own special system that accommodates for this, as shown above. Also, their grandfather clock is just like the vertical bar handles we trained with for years back in the mid-2000’s. This type of hand positioning gives you a great added variety to your grip training.

The handles I am referring to are in the Diesel Video below. We used to do a lot of brainstorming back in the day on equipment that we could sell, but because we had no way to mass-produce stuff, we never acted on any of our ideas. It is good to see them being put out there for the masses to enjoy. I think other companies have produced similar handles as well.

Go to 2:35 to see the handles I am referring to.

Rogue Fitness Equipment Review 2 – Dog Bone, Globe

Look, I am going to say it right now – I love both of these pieces of equipment. My right wrist was pretty messed up when I was doing these and each rep felt like my hand was going to pop off, but the combination of coolness and challenge level with these two implements is awesome. The open hand positioning combined with gross forearm recruitment is intense with these two implements.

Also, if you own Advanced Forearm Training for Baseball, you’ll see the resemblance between the Globe and the Orb Pull-ups in my manual. Rogue was using their heads though and made the Globe light-weight while still being large and challenging to hold.

In the past, I have used my 95-lb Kettlebell. What a pain in the ass neck that is to hang – especially when you can’t find your rigging straps like I referenced above.

I hope Mike Rankin from Drexel sees this video, as I put in a reference to the Spider Monkey, just for his benefit.

Rogue Fitness Equipment Review 3 – Cannon Balls, Pinch Block, Bipolar Training

In the video above I show some of the other gear using some basic and more advanced drills. In the video above, I tried to give you some out-of-the-box ways to use this gear, instead of just the same old lift-it-up-and-hold-it types of lifts. The Rogue gear allows you to do a lot of different things with it, and if you use your head you can probably come up with some of your own creative ways to torture yourself.

Well, I hope this info has been helpful both as a way to familiarize yourself with some of Rogue’s catalog as well as some ways you can train your grip that are different from the same old conventional means.

Any questions, leave a comment below, otherwise, you can check out the rest of Rogue’s catalog here: Rogue Fitness.


P.S. I have been asked by some to do equipment reviews of other equipment, and I am reaching out to the companies to see if they will work with me. Feel free to leave a comment below if there is anything you’d like me to look into for you.

P.P.S. I also have a very cool new piece of equipment from Sorinex that I am extremely excited about. I will hopefully get that video up next week, so make sure to sign up for updates through my newsletter below:

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