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Training for the Snatch Test & RKC

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I have called upon the readers in the Diesel Universe for my Muscle-up training in the past, and now I have another favor to ask.

In September, Smitty and I are going to an RKC certification, and we will be doing the 100-rep Snatch Test.

Before last week, I never did more than like 20 snatches total in the same day, so this is all completely foreign to me, so i was wondering if some of you would take the time to watch a couple of the videos I have taken of myself trying the Snatch Test.

If you have time to watch, and leave any suggestions you have in the comments section, I would really appreciate it.

Video 1

This is my very first set trying the snatch test. I got 68 reps. I did not count one of them because I partially snatched it with both hands. I must have miss-counted when I first reviewed the video because I say 13 reps on the last set but I actually got 18.

I really thought I’d get much more than 68 on my first set, but I was taking too much rest time during repetitions, I think.

Rep Pattern: L25, R25, L18

Video 2

I took about 15 minutes rest and tried one more set. This time I made quicker transitions between reps and got 80 reps. Lost a rep on a flubbed transition and had to do a short swing. Definitely need to avoid that on test day.

Rep Patter: L20, R20, L15, R15, L10

Like I said in the video, my form is rough and I am SO not in shape for this. I was really huffing and puffing on this day. I am more used to Juggling Kettlebells and doing other Feats with them

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you might have.

Make it a great day!


P.S. To all you Steel Benders – I just started working on a project today that is going to help you out tremendously. Stay Tuned for further announcements.


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8 Responses to “Training for the Snatch Test & RKC”

  1. James Says:

    DON”T LOOK DOWN. Find a focal point to zone in on that is above your head, and just stare a burning hole in it. The body will follow where your head goes. If you look down as you get tired your form can and will start to break down. Keeping your head up will help your form stay tight as you get down to those last few min.

    To build up don’t worry about the number you get on each arm, start with 5 each side till you get to a 100. Time yourself to see how long it takes, then go 6 per side 7-8-9…. and just see how long your taking. The test isn’t about how many per arm but how fast so find a number that works and then just kill it.

  2. James Says:

    Keep your wrist straight on the top, that will save your grip. Really work on snapping the hips forward. Your right arm is really short and crisp, work on that with your left. Your left has a larger arc thus taking more time.

    When you breath, take your air in at the bottom as you hike back, exhale at the hip snap but don’t let all your air out.

    Snatches are like punches, each rep is like a punch so breath like you were throwing strikes on someone. Not only will this help you breath but it makes them crisp. Don’t worry about getting a 100 train to but let the experience an adrenaline of the test seep in. You’re a competitor so let that mind set and atmosphere help.

    If you have other questions don’t hesitate to email me.

  3. Jim Smith Says:

    Thanks a lot James! I remember seeing a stream of sweat flying off my face and hitting the ground and I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I’ll try looking up at the garage door next time.

    I def need to work on my left. That arm just feel all shades of screwed up.


  4. Chris Duffey Says:

    The snatch is very technical… Your form is just as bad as the rkc guys that will be teaching you… Pacing is the key here… You need to do 20 reps per minute… Luckily for you anything over your head is close enough… Work the clock… Do 10 reps every 30 seconds.. That is 5 every 15 seconds so break the time into manageable chunks… Bang out 5 reps and rest.. Bang out 5 more and switch… Going twenty reps on one hand right now will drive ur HR too high… I know if you work the clock like this you will do this test no problem… Keep the bell closer to your midline.. You are too far out… Also keep it close on the drop.. Too far away from you… After you go to the RKC school and you reLize that you still suck at snatches… I will help you for free… Have fun man.

  5. Janke Says:

    How are you gripping the bell on the way down? From the video I can’t really see, but would suggest a hook grip on the downward phase of the snatch. Takes some time to get the hang of it, but also it makes the skin last longer. Tip I got from watching Coach Denis Kanygin. Hope it helps.

  6. John Says:

    James made some very good points. I would like to add that at the top of the snatch absorb the force into the ground, not back. You can see your shoulder being pulled back at the top. When training for the snatch test I tried different rep patterns. What worked best for me were sets of 10 with each arm. I got my RKC cert last October. It was an awesome experience and it was so much more than just kettlebell lifting. Good luck to you guys and e-mail me if there is any way I can help you. Take care.

  7. eric Says:

    the things that jumoed out quick are the difference between both arms, as said earlier your right arm is a much better pull than the left. When the kb is in lockout with wrist straight iniate the pull downward but the lats, this will keep the kb very close to your face. I actually try to bring it down directly in front of my face, this will cause a quicker downswing creating more rebound once the hips and glutes are fully stretched at the bottom. as for breathing, yes its like a punch and most people can’t punch with any power. try to sync you inhale with the completion of the downswing and ehale once you fully extend the hips, not when the kb is locked out. the movement ends at hip extension, momentum carries it the rest of the way, and you remain tight at the top. when i went for my RKC i trained the snatch very seldom and went 10L/10r easily. with only three weeks to go many programming ideas don’t have time to accumulate results, but if you push hard with a rest week before and let that work for you you know you’ll nail it. hope this helped some and feel free to email if you need any help. love the info here by the way, keep it up.

  8. Logan Christopher Says:

    Good tips from James.

    Besides that I would add the following. The way I like to approach this training is to work on speed and then add time. To hit 100 reps you need to go 20 reps per minute. To give yourself a little leeway I’d go at a pace of 21 or 22. See if you can do that for 1 minute. Then do a couple sets as long as you can maintain that pace. The next time you train try to go longer at that pace. Once again you can do a few sets but you should stop once your pace slows down.

    For me I always do ten reps per arm and then switch and keep this consistent throughout the test. My guess though is that you won’t have trouble with your grip.

    If you want more help don’t hesitate to ask.

    Also you might want to check out this video I just put up of 251 reps in 10 minutes.

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