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RKC 5 min Snatch Test Practice – Intense Kettlebell Conditioning

RKC 5 min Snatch Test Practice

Intense Kettlebell Conditioning





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5 Responses to “RKC 5 min Snatch Test Practice – Intense Kettlebell Conditioning”

  1. Dan Cenidoza Says:

    Looks good yo. Be sure to lock that elbow out. By the end of this weekend you’ll be using a totally different technique (hardstyle) but that should be good to get you through the snatch test.

  2. Doug Descant Says:

    Look’n awesome as usual Smitty,

    I totally agree with Dan. After day 1, I quickly found out I was had been just swinging a kettlebell and not performing a kettlebell swing.

    Go kick some major KB ass and be prepared to do about 1,000,000 swings. Keep us posted on the progress.

    Best of luck to you.


  3. Andrew Durniat Says:

    Rotating your thumb to point between your legs on the down swing can help to save your grip some. Work some back bridges before training and stretch your lats. They will help improve your overhead flexibility and save you even more energy.


  4. James Says:

    Looks good man, just breath and you will do fine, enjoi and come back bigger and more badass then you are now!!!!!!! Have fun guys good luck.

  5. Cary Gordon Says:

    Watch that you are using too much arm compared to more hip snap. it will fatigue a lot faster and fry your biceps, traps, and grip.

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