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Review of Bull Strength Conditioning

If you want to get lean but hate normal cardio and love a challenging workout, then I’ve got great news for you.


Coach Joe Hashey has put something together that is going to help you out, big time: Bull Strength Conditioning.

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Joe has put together some of his most intense conditioning exercises that he uses with his athletes and he is unleashing it to the rest of us who want to feel more athletic and look better.
Joe has assembled a go-to list of intervals, circuits, and other back-to-back-to-back combinations of exercises that you can use to elevate your heart rate and start shedding fat.

Who is Coach Joe Hashey?

Joe Hashey is a Strength and Conditioning Coach in Endwell, New York. You’ve probably seen his videos – in fact you’ve probably seen him in our videos, because he’s trained with us many times.

Joe works with athletes on a daily basis and understands how important it is to be able to manage time in a workout.

Joe doesn’t mess around with his training. In fact, he does a lot of the same things that we have been doing here at Diesel for years: Powerlifting, Strongman, Grip, Oly, Bodyweight, etc.

What is Bull Strength Conditioning?

In one word – Intensity! Bull Strength Conditioning is a collection of 21 freakin’ intense circuits that will get you shredded. Joe’s combinations maximize your training effects in a short time.

Best Thing about Bull Strength?

Convenience: My favorite thing about the Bull Strength Manual is that I’m not going to have to page through an endless succession of circuits to find one I want to do. Joe threw in his top 21 blends of training and intensity. I’m going to print it out, staple it together, and flip to a combo for a finisher after each workout.

What Sets Bull Strength Conditioning Apart?

Matching Circuit Disciplines & Names: Not only does Joe set up some rugged pairings, he also gives them a fitting name. How about Leg Murder? One Second Bedlam? Fire? These circuits are no joke!

Negatives about BSC?

Picture Quality: I like to be honest when I review something so there are no surprises. As with any product or program, there are hits and misses, my stuff included. The one thing I did notice about Joe’s new manual was the picture quality – it was a little grainy. That’s the only criticism I can give for this manual. Regardless, you can still see exactly what Joe’s talking about.

Why Buy Bull Strength Conditioning here?

If you buy from my affiliate link and forward me your Clickbank Receipt, I will send you back a done-for-you 8-week Grip Training Program, complete with video demonstration of all the exercises as well as a printable document you can take with you to the gym when you do the exercises. Each workout contains a primary lift and two secondary lifts arranged in pairings that are done back to back. I designed this 8-week program to be the perfect compliment to Joe’s circuit style workouts in Bull Strength Conditioning. This link is an affiliate link and I do get a portion of the sale money – that is why I put together this killer bonus.

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Don’t Take My Word for It. Here is some more feedback on Bull Strength Conditioning:

“I was lucky enough to be asked by Joe to review Bull Strength Conditioning and I have to say he is absolutely insane to give it away at this price – put it together with Jedd’s grip training and you’ll be one scary athlete – Get this awesome deal now and take your fitness and strength to the next level!!!”
Barry Gibson

“I highly, highly recommend this program, I just bought it a few days ago, I love it, The bonuses are enough to stand on their own right!!! Awesome thing about Bull Strength Conditioning is you can get a High Level of Conditioning without beating up your Knees! I love this about the program, My knees are beat to hell from all the H.I.I.T. I’ve done in the Past!”
Pedro Morales

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