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Recent Overhead Footage

Here is some footage from a recent overhead work session.

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This was the first workout after yet another back injury.

Pretty much how it went is after a thorough warm-up, I went for 308 pounds out of the cage. I supported it for an instant but couldn’t fully recover. I threw 10 more kilos on for about 330 lbs. This time, the bar was too far out in front and I missed it. Finally, I tried 330 one more time and got it.

Dave Tate writes in his book, “Under the Bar,” about Chuck Vogelpohl doing something similar in a squat workout many years ago. Obviously it can work. I think the added 20 kilos made me focus even more on the next attempt. The first try at 330 felt very light, and I probably would have gotten it had I not pushed it so far out in front. I’d strongly suggest it to anyone who is looking to bust through their plateaus for a new PR.

It’s also very interesting that while squatting and deadlifting make my lower back feel like it is going to snap in half, overhead work gives me no pain at all.

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