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Kick Sand in Yo Face


If you remember from all of the emails when I first released AMD, you know that my whole life I was the skinny guy.  The small guy.  The guy who had to work harder than everyone else.

That is why I’ve made it my life’s goal to inspire people.  To make them feel good about their accomplishments, inspire them to keep challenging themselves everyday AND provide the best, PROVEN information on how to build muscle and real world strength.

Here is a list of my Master Works:

  • AMD
  • Combat Core Manual / DVD
  • Blunt Force Trauma
  • Chaos Training
  • Build Muscle TV
  • Plus another top secret program with Zach Even-Esh

All of these products not only provide the step-by-step methods on how to build strength and muscle, but guide you to make informed decisions for yourself.  That is the biggest gift I can give.

Now, I have something really cool for you today.

As many of you know, I’ve been collaborating with Zach Even-Esh for many years.  In fact our training methodologies are very similar.

We both use many different tools like kettlebells, strongman training, bands, thick ropes and every other odd objects to train our athletes.

In fact here is a 6 Week Kettlebell / Sandbag Workout I put together.

movarrowBut, here is the Surprise!

Zach is having a cool 50% off Birthday sale on his Underground Training System.  I suggest you pick it up because it normally is a lot  more money and if you get it today, you can start applying it today.  Even get some workouts in tonight and tomorrow.

Remember, the sale is almost over, so get it now.

Also, if you buy Zach’s package today, I am giving you a TON MORE STUFF!  All you have to do is send me a copy of your Clickbank receipt to smitty [dot] diesel [at]

The Renowned Muscle Building Power Pak

  1. Athletic Explosive Lower Body Training
  2. Exclusive Muscle Building Interview with Men’s Fitness Expert Jason Ferruggia
  3. Deadlift Fundamentals 101 Manual

Get it now and start killing it!

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2 Responses to “Kick Sand in Yo Face”

  1. Jeff Says:


    For someone looking to start up a training facility, do you have any recommendations on kettlebells in terms of what miht be a good idea to purchase and what would be better to save for down the road when you have more money to play around with. I already had a lot of equipment, dumbbells, and free weights from a neighborhood gym, but now that I am looking to move into a facility, I was considering adding in a few extras. Kettlebells seem like a nice complement to all of the other stuff, but I am just wondering about things like whether to go with singles or pairs (since things like swings and get-ups would only require 1 bell at a time but some other movements would still be best with two- bottoms-up presses likely being one of them), what sizes to get (since some would likely receive heavy usage, while others would receive less……namely bells on the very small and large end of the weight scale), and the fact that the kettlebells may be used in more of a conditioning role in a lot of instances (which would not require as large a selection of bells).

    The other reason I ask about this is because dumbbells are just as good (or possibly better) than kettlebells for many things, but there are some things where kettlebells provide an advantage not to be had with dumbbells.

    Any input would be appreciated, or perhaps a future post on the topic (that is if you think enough other folks would have enough interest to warrant you taking time out to write it).

    In any event, thank you for reading my message.

  2. Jim Smith Says:

    Jeff, I really like the American Kettlebells, but they are really expensive. Right now I am recommending Perform Better’s competition kb’s because they are very similar to the mold for the American Kettlebells.


    I would recommend getting pairs because there are so many more options and you can break them up into singles so you can train groups easier.

    I agree with you completely that dumbbells can be used for a lot of kb exercises, but the off center of gravity of the kb and the fluidity of movement is something that is hard to replicate.

    All of these implements are just tools, the more important key is “how” do you use them.

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