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I am knee deep in preparing for the World’s Strongest Hands 2012 Contest, taking place here in Wyalusing PA tomorrow, August, 18, 2012. So, I want to tell you about that as well as several other things taking place…

1. Worlds Strongest Hands 2012

This is taking place tomorrow right here in Wyalusing, PA, in Bradford County, which is in the northeastern portion of Pennsylvania. There is no “entry deadline” so even if this is the first time you ever heard of World’s Strongest Hands, you can feel free to show up. Just let me know you are coming with a comment below or an email.

If you’d like to see more specific information on the contest, then make sure to check out this post. This is a great contest to try out if you have been wanting to do a Grip Competition for a while. Even if you are a complete newbie to Grip, come to the comp and learn as you go. There is NO BETTER WAY to learn about Grip Sport than competing.

2. Vulcan V2 Grippers, Springs, Thumb Screws

I have a modest inventory of Vulcan V2 Grippers, Orange Springs, and Thumb Screws in inventory. They literally just arrived yesterday afternoon and I immediately packaged all of the reserved equipment into flat rate boxes and shipped them out to the future owners.

If you are looking for an all-purpose gripper, this is the one that I recommend. The Vulcan V2 varies in strength from below a #1 Captains of Crush to above a #4 Captains of Crush, without having to own a dozen grippers in order to have the variety. Plus it takes up virtually no space in your gym and can be hung on a wall hook or placed inside a drawer for safe keeping.

Thumb Screws are a tool that some folks are not familiar with. These are attachments to train dynamic pinching which go right on the ends of the handles of the Vulcan V2 and also accommodate regular torsion spring grippers like those from IronMind as well.

The V2 comes with its own Black Spring, which is the standard strength spring, but if you plan on using the Vulcan to train further below the #1 Captains of Crush level, or if you have training partners or clients who are just starting out with crush grip training, then the Orange Spring is a good choice.

To order a Vulcan V2 Gripper and/or the accessories, click the banner below.

3. Injuries – Yuck

On Tuesday of this week, I woke up with appreciable pain in my right big toe. It felt like the combination of stepping on a stone inside your sandal and kicking someone in the shin with a bare foot. On Wednesday, it was even worse, so I went to the doctor. We got some X-rays done and I am waiting on the results, but I also talked to the doctor about my left knee as well.

In early 2008 I was playing in an adult basketball league and after one of the games, we stopped at Subway from some grub and when I stepped out of the truck I nearly collapsed. I had to have my buddy help me walk into Subway. It was crazy. My knee was still all messed up the next morning, so I played around with my leg while seated at my work desk and with a combination of manual force and leg isometric flexion, I heard this loud CRACK! It was as if my tibia had dislocated somehow and through the manipulation I was able to pop it back in. Since then, it has felt bad off and on, but not always, more of a come and go type of thing.

So, while I was at the doctor this week, I had him check my knee out, and he was amazed at how swollen it was. He proceeded to take 40 cc’s of fluid out of my knee. I got a picture of the syringe with this yellow piss-colored fluid in it, but for some reason my phone did not save the pic, so I can’t show it to you. Unfortunately, the doc showed me that swimming around inside all that fluid is also little shreds of what he thinks might be torn meniscus tissue, so time will tell what happens there. My toe is feeling better and so is my knee, but I can tell already that the swelling is coming back, so stay tuned.

4. Slim Lever Progress

I am continuing to train for the Slim Lever about once a week and have been seeing very good progress. Below is the latest video I shot of some near misses.

The pressure on my knee when in position for this lift gives me no pain whatsoever, that I can recall, so that is good.

5. Assessment and Exercise

Lastly, my friend, Rick Kaselj, with whom I released Fixing Elbow Pain back in April, put out Assessment and Exercise this week. This program builds off his previous release Muscle Imbalances Revealed for the Lower Body. This installment in the series takes a look at the assessment techniques you can use to identify imbalances with your personal training clients and athletes. Everyone has imbalances, but some are more severe than others. This program can help you distinguish between the varying degrees of movement issues your clients might have and then show you how to address them. If this sounds like something that can benefit you in your work, be sure to check it out, because Rick joined up with a group of people with experience along these lines. Right now it is priced at just $37, but today is the last day of the introductory sale, so don’t wait too long if you want to get the program at the biggest discount.

6. Chain Breaking Technique

The latest video feature to be added to is Chain Breaking. I am rendering the video right now as I type this post, so within an hour it will be loaded to the site. My Feat-aholics at TGA wanted to know the technique I was using for chain breaking during my Strongman Shows last month. So I filmed everything and showed them exactly the equipment they needed in order to break chains the way I did it. Like I told the crowds at my shows, this feat gets the show started with a “BANG!”

Special thanks to the T-Rex, Jeff Bankens, for showing me the set-up he uses, which I modified slightly in order to use more equipment I already have in my collection, and having to buy and build less new gear. If you want to learn Chain Breaking as well as many other feats of strength and grip training secrets, join up at today for just $7.

That is about all of the updates I have right now. Once tomorrow’s contest is out of the way, and now that the other trips are wrapped up for the most part, it should get back to business as usual around here. So make sure to stay tuned and if you haven’t already, join my newsletter for future updates and new things coming your way.

All the best in your training,


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  1. Amy Says:

    No pic = biggest disappointment of my day. Good luck to all tomorrow! Can’t wait for updates.

  2. Jedd Johnson Says:

    I was PISSED.

  3. Jerry Shreck Says:

    Crap! With me being so busy at the University I forgot all about that contest. Hope it went well!

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