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Raising the Bar – 120kg / 264lbs in the Two Hands Pinch

Here is my new World Record Lift in the Two Hands Pinch at Grip Nationals this past weekend.

Shot by Mike / Melissa Rinderle:

Shot by Darrin Shallman

There will be more on the contest soon! Check back for the write-up!


P.S. If you want to see how I train on the Two Hands Pinch, check out the documentary I shot in 2009 when I broke it for the first time. The Road to the Record: How I Broke the Record in the Two Hands Pinch

two hands pinch record banner

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9 Responses to “Raising the Bar – 120kg / 264lbs in the Two Hands Pinch”

  1. Jerry Shreck Says:

    Awesome Jedd! Congrats brother!!

  2. Cameron Says:

    Nice work, Jedd. Next time, try to look a little less excited afterward. 🙂

  3. Jedd Johnson Says:

    I was actually in quite a bit of pain from a low back injury so I couldn’t cut my normal WWE promo this time.


  4. Jedd Johnson Says:

    Thanks man!

  5. Daniel Reinard Says:

    Incredible Jedd! I have a feeling we’ll be seeing you raise the bar on it once again very shortly! Heal up and break that record again.

  6. Josh McIntyre Says:

    Congrats Jedd, you worked hard for it bro.

  7. derek Says:

    good job jedd, keep setting thm WR’s

  8. Logan Christopher Says:

    Congratulations Jedd. Keep on going with it!

  9. Cameron Says:

    Hey Jedd, I hope your low back heals up quick, ’cause training through pain is no fun. Do you take gelatin/collagen? It helped me heal some funked up tendon injuries. Just google “great lakes gelatin” and get the green one…

    Looking forward to more of the “Jedd Victory Screams” in the future. 😉


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