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Quick Kettlebell and Bodyweight Workout

Benefits of Bodyweight Movements:

More efficient movements, greater stability (in frontal, sagittal and transverse planes), laying the foundation for externally loaded movements, portable, more fluidity, large variety, improved mobility and much more.

Benefits of Kettlebell Training:

Great variety of large ROM movements, portable, increased dynamic support grip strength endurance, odd-object adaptations, development of torso rigidity and hip explosiveness and much more.

When you combine these two training protocols, you get a great workout, requiring minimal equipment, that can be done quickly with a lot of different combinations.



– Dynamic Warm-up- 3 minutes

– Foam Roller – 3 minutes

– Light Workouts 3 minutes


– Protein shake and water throughout workout

– Mobility movements between sequences


1A) Push-ups, 4×25 (alternate between push-up variations)

1B) Kettlebell Bent Over Rows, 4×8 (alternate between two-arm and one-arm rows)

1C) Planks, 4×30 seconds

2A) KB Clean / Squat & Push Press 3×8

2B) Mountain Climbers / Gator Crawls, various

3A) KB Floor Press, 2×12

3B) Bodyweight Lunges, 2×12

3C) Inch Worms, various


– Static Stretches

– Lots of Water

– Quick Meal

Quick and done, have fun! Comment with the time it took you to get through the workout and what you did to recover for your next workout.


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