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Publish Report: My Mad Methods Magazine


I actually write articles for many sites and written publications as well. I thought maybe it was finally time to start keeping track of them…

To begin, I have a new article appearing in My Mad Methods Magazine’s April/May 2013 Edition: Grip Wise: The Essentials of Grip Strength Training.

MMM is a cool magazine, covering many types of non-conventional training: kettlebells, clubs, maces, bodyweight, parkour, etc.

The April / May Edition is dedicated to Strength Training. I was honored for them to reach out to me, and I put together a HUGE article for them.

My Mad Methods comes in both digital and printed versions. Get your subscription going today: Subscribe to My Mad Methods.

Here’s an Ad Clip from My Mad Methods…

Again, this is a very cool magazine. Much more interesting to me due to its coverage of training that I enjoy, than the many bodybuilding magazines that are on the shelf. If you like non-conventional training, this might be something for you to check out.

All the best in your training.


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