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Product Review: Strength Stack 52


I was recently contacted by a gentleman named Michael Volkin about reviewing his new product called Strength Stack 52.

Normally, these types of spam messages get glanced at and then immediately deleted.

But this case was a little different.

In this case, Michael had pretty much taken an idea I had come up with years before and not only run with it, but did it in a way that was much better than the idea I had.

Check out the video below and you’ll find out exactly what I am talking about.

Strength Stack 52 Review

You can grab a deck of Strength Stack here: Strength Stack 52.

Who Is Strength Stack 52 For?


I personally think Strength Stack cards could be very valuable for personal trainers and boot camp instructors. The exercises shown are all bodyweight exercises and require very little equipment in order to perform them, so that means in many cases a great deal of clients can perform the movements all at the same time.

In addition, because most of the exercises are not actually weight room or gym-based, that means they can be done anywhere, from garages, to lawns and parks.

They can also bring a “mystery effect” to training by using the Strength Stack cards to dictate Finishers for a workout.

Finally, for those who enjoy bodyweight training over other forms of resistance work, I suggest you check this out. There are some pretty cool variations of basic exercises, like Push-ups, that are much more demanding.

Who Is Strength Stack Not For

As cool as I think these cards are, I don’t think they will be a big hit with people who base their training around Strength Development or most periodization models. In those cases, it would seem that people who train in that way will already have too much on their plate in order to add these drills in, unless bodyweight work is already being added into their regular training.

As an example, in my training, I am pretty much limited to a 2-hour spot, and I have to get a solid warm-up, train either upper or lower body, and then get in my specialized Grip and Feat of Strength Training, plus recovery work. There just isn’t any available time to add something like this in in most workouts.


If you like Bodyweight Training and like to always have a little variety in your training, then check these out. Also, if you are a Personal Trainer or Boot Camp Owner, and are always looking for new workouts and drills to throw at your clients, then this could be absolutely perfect for you.

You can grab your deck here: Strength Stack 52.

All the best in your training,


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