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Product Review: Kaos Komfort Kompression Shirts

Hello to the Diesel Universe!

I hope this weekend has been filled with great workouts and lots of PR’s!


I’ve got a product review for everyone today:  Kaos Komfort

I know the selection out there for athletic training and compression shirts is huge and you may not be sure of what to buy in order to wear for your training, so hopefully this post can point you in the right direction!

I was recently offered a shirt for a trial and I must say I am happy with it.

Kaos has many styles of Komfort shirts to choose from but I chose the Mens Kompression tee because I recently had to toss out one of my old compression shirts because it got ripped while training the Atlas Stones.

Why do I like my Kaos shirt? 

It all comes down to the 3 F’s:  Fit, Feel and comFort.

Fit – For once, someone has designed a shirt that will fit me.   With a long torso and athletic build, I can almost never get a shirt like this to fit my entire torso.  Usually, they pop up and roll up my belly, but the Kaos long sleeve Kompression tee did not do that.  In fact, it has tails on it that allow me to tuck the thing in.  Brilliant!

Feel – Obviously, since this is a Kompression tee, it is tight fitting.  What usually accompanies this tight fit is hairs getting yanked out all over my body, BUT that doesn’t seem to happen with the Kaos Kompression.

comFort – The Kaos tee I have is soft and reminds me of the little draw string pouches you put a digital camera in.  I plan on training the Atlas Stones a lot, and while they don’t always feel the best on your skin, these Kaos Kompression shirts feel just fine.

Check it out everybody, the Kaos company was nice enough to send me a complimentary shirt and I appreciate it because I wear this thing all the time.

But you know me – I’ll be honest if it is lacking something, but I haven’t found it yet in this case.  This thing is sweet.

Also, they have way more shirts available than just the Kompression line, so check them out at their site:

All the best in your training.


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